Carrying Letters and Legacies

We are coming towards the end of our residency. Less than a week away. For their 7th week of poetry, 5th and 6th graders thought about messages and memories the wished to give to others and keep for themselves as well.

The 5th graders read and discussed the poem, “Dear Sky,” by Naomi Shihab Nye. In her poem Nye writes a letter directly to the sky, thanking it for all the wonderful things it does for living things the earth. You calm me down/ when you are gray, I know you are holding onto the rain, doing your job/ When you’re blue everyone loves you/ so may styles of cloud drifting quietly. Inspired by Naomi Shihab Nye,5th graders wrote letters to people, objects, and animals they care about.

Graduation is coming up for 6th graders, so we read the poem “Things We Carry on the Sea,” by Wang Ping, who as a young woman, immigrated from China to the U.S.  In her poem Ping, describes the experiences of immigrants, what they left behind in their home countries, but also what they took with them into these new countries. We carry soil in small bags: may home never fade from our hearts,/We carry our names, stories, memories of village, fields, boats/ We carry yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 6th graders inspired by Wang Ping, wrote poetry about the physical and symbolic items they would carry with them to their new schools after they graduate from Shoesmith.

Please read these beautiful poems below from students and carry them with you always.

Ms. Hassberger 5th Grade
Group 1

Dear Dad
Kiyan F.

Dad, I love you from the start.
You always got a place in my heart.
You were there from the start,
just how you still got your part.
I was crying, I remember that
you are watching over me.
You and God, got me.


I’m glad you love me
I’m so happy you love me.

Dear Mom,
By Jack H.

You’re the best.
You might not be the best cook,
but you make the food with love.
You make sure I always get
in the tub, make sure I’m loved.

She is sweet like candy.
She is fun like a festival.
She is helpful like Google Assistant.
She is smart like a calculator.
She is funny like a clown.

Mom, just so you know,
I love you forever.

Dear Charizard
By Masson W.

You are my favorite Pokémon.

I’m sorry the best Pokémon
show ended.

I like to draw pictures of you.
You are red, orange, blue,
and yellow too.

I will never forget you.

Ms. Hassberger 5th Grade
Group 2

To Womp Womp Land
By Malik A.

To Womp Womp Land:

I need to go back home.
It is very cold out here on Earth.
I love Womp Womp Land.
I am so sorry for breaking
the rules, I won’t let it
happen again.
And also, my kids and
everyone I know is there.
And I have nowhere to stay.

-Womp Womp King

To Womp Womp King:

Yes, you may come back.
But, there is a war and I need
you to join and then if you
win, I will make you King.

to be continued ….

By Morgan C.

I am your #1 fan.
I love Open Arms
and your voice.

I love to listen to your music
on YouTube, the radio, everything.
You help me, go through things.
Thank you, and make
more songs.


Dear Mom,
Thomas W.

Thank you for doing everything for me
You gave me life in this world.
You gave me water.
You push my limits to be smart.
I love you and thank you
for everything.
you gave me my siblings.
thank you.

-from your child

Ms. Henry 6th Grade
Group 1

Things I Carry From My Mother
By Tamajay B.

I carry my friends and my family
and always uplifting them.

I carry my mother’s love,
that she gave me.

I carry the food,
that my mother gave me.

I carry my mother’s heart
and my heart.

I carry the shoes,
that my mother gave me.

I carry my life,
that mother gave me.

I carry my life,
that my mother gave me.

I carry the fun memories
with my mother.

My Legacy, My Journey
By Anthony H.

My legacy, my journey on,
I will carry my heart and
the things that I’ve won.

I will always carry the legacy,
the people at my school.

The students and principal
and loving teachers that
will rule.

I will carry all my friends
all inside my heart …

because I’m really sad
that we have to split apart.

I will carry my athleticism
and my people that will
come …

to help and inspire my
future that will come.

The Things I Carry
by Hayden H.

I carry my love.
I carry my hate
and I carry my pride.
I may have bad things
here and there.
I have my ups and downs.
But I take accountability
for my actions.
I yearn for peace and kindness,
but I must control my anger
and have more kindness,
and no more rage.
I shall not carry more rage.

I will carry the loss of others,
I will carry on.

I Carry
By Nasir K.

I carry my soul
I carry my legacy
I carry Shoesmith
I carry my subjects like gym.
I carry the fieldtrips.
I carry the poetry slam.
I carry my memories,
that I will carry to a new school.

Things I Carry From School
By Taylor R.

I carry the love my friends gave me.
I carry the choir with the love I gave it.
I carry the field trips that my teacher took us on.
I carry the memories from my teacher and friends.
I carry the tears that we had from the past.
I carry the hugs people gave me.
I carry the things that I’m thankful for.
I carry all my friends.

I Carry My School
Anedith Y.

I carry the love the staff and teachers gave.
I carry the memories I had with friends.
I carry the shirts they gave.
I carry the field trips to MLK.
I carry the good lunches they had sometimes.
I carry the laughter with my friends.
I carry the nice things that the school has
done for me.

I carry myself from kindergarten to the 6th grade
going to 7th.

Ms. Henry 6th Grade
Group 2

The Stuff We Carry
By Dominic K.

Have you ever had that feeling,
when you feel heavy?
Like you are carrying something
that you are trying to run from?

Like carrying a divorce or you’re
carrying that your mom or dad
are not in your life?

Or just sad because you’re
carrying something that’s
too heavy for you.

That’s all normal, its ok
if you need help.
Its ok if you need a break.

Just want you to know its
ok to let go.

The Special things I Carry
By Leelah H.

I carry knowledge, creativity
my home and my parents.

I carry hope for the future
and the past.

I carry grace and gentleness.
I carry love and greatness.

I carry boldness, carefulness,
and power.

I carry my friends
and even my enemies.

I carry my legacy.

The Things I Carry
By Nasir R.

I carry memories of laughing friends.
I carry the friendship that never ends.

I carry the advice my friends give me.

I carry the light that shines bright and proud.
I carry the power that comes above and around.

I carry the story that comes from within.
I carry the story of the laughing friends.

The Memory
By Zahir S.H.

The countless mornings,
evenings and nights
I’ve spent here.
Working, talking, playing, laughing.
Working, to be the best I can.
Talking to the teachers, students.
Playing sports, winning and losing.
Laughing with friends.

All these are memories I carry,
only a fraction tho of the memory…
the memory of…

Shoesmith Elementary School.
The hardship,
the work,
the ethic,
how far
I came.
Through nights,
and rain.

Things We Carry to School
By Rashaun T.

We carry I will to learn.

Our sharp pencils that couldn’t
be sharper than I prides.

Our lunch bags full of friendship
and nourishment.

A paper to show how smart
and impressive we can be.

But before you know it is over.

We carry home, our favorite books.

Our friendships and memories.

We carry the tears in our eyes,
knowing we have to wait all
Summer to see our friends.

We carry our pride.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.