After a few weeks off, we reunited for our penultimate sessions, reading and discussing “maggie and milly and molly and may” by E. E. Cummings. I suggested that this poem was a kind of ‘greatest hits’ for many of the stylistic elements we’d examined previously: rhyme, both exact and near; grammar, such as so-called improper capitalization, punctuation, and spacing; personification and metaphor. Cummings has fun with readers’ technical expectations, while also describing a trip to the beach by four girls “to play one day,” where each encounters something individually—“a shell that sang,” “a stranded star,” “a horrible thing,” “a smooth round stone”—that effects them. We wondered about particulars, such as their ages and relationships, and pondered the poem’s final line: “It’s always ourselves we find in the sea.”

For the students’ own writing, friendship was the theme to be explored.

Ms. Kawa
4th Grade

Sonia G.

My friend scared me as she shouted with glee
I have a surprise you see
she took off the cover and screamed with
delight I got a fancy light.
We all looked puzzled until she said we 
now could have pillow fights before bed without
banging our heads.

Friendship Hurts
Sean J.

we are friends 
in one shell

racing to the

into a well

we want to
do this
so we don't get
only one can make it
so you'd better get movin'

Best Friends Forever
Divya K.

Best friend forever

My bestie
My best friend 

My favorite friend
My most liked friend 

My best friend forever

Always here for me
Always there for me

BFF are the best

Kai M.

At 12 o'clock I go outside
to the playground, swiftly I glide.

Tag, protect, and many of mods,
chasing and hiding, boundaries and all.

A good 25 minutes of running and hiding
and exhaustion and heat slips inside me.

Into the building for ancillary classes
SNOOZE! BORING! Lemme take off my

* sleeps *

Adelyn N.


They're here to support you.

They love to play with you.

They entertain you.

They help when you hurt.

They are friends.
Forever friends.

Naomi T.

Friendship is something
that any wants you get
it you keep it now it's
you need
it's a memory to keep. Hide
it. Protect. Jingle and jangle
and throw away the
is something
to keep.

Ms. Makris
4th Grade

Nature's Friends 
Ryan B.

The rain is friends with the soil,
because soil takes the rain and
makes it help the plants.

The plants are friends with the
sun, because the sun gives the
plants thrive and live.

The sun is friends with the
moon, because they cycle and
meet each other in space.

And finally, the moon is friends 
with the water, because it makes
the tides and rain, starting the
cycle over.

Sophia, Selene, Camille, and Mabel
Olivia C.

Sophia, Selene, Camille, and Mabel
went to a park one day.

Sophia saw flowers and made a necklace.
She gave it to everyone.

Selene and a dog ran together.
Then Selene noticed the dog was mad at her.

Camille drew a beautiful picture about a

Mabel played in the playground.

Manny M.

I was playing with my friend's xBox.
Then we went to the park.
We played basketball.

Cayden M.

Sometimes when me and my
friends play tag or even
sometimes we play basketball or
we play at the park and
have a lot of fun
with each other.

Naomi T.

Have you ever heard of the most
powerful source of happiness?

What makes you enjoy life.
Which gives you the power to move on.

It's friendship. Who's always there for you.

Mr. O’Brien
4th Grade

Friendship for Eternity
Urvi B.

The Rivers and Lakes are my best friends.
They Bring me good from Ice, Rain, and mountains.
Oh how they fill me.
I need to be filled.
For I am the Great Ocean of the wide,
the Sorcerer of life.

We are friends for Eternity.
For I fill them and they fill me.

Dylan D.

Friends come and friends go.
You never know how long you
have with a friend so savor the 

Selene G.

Sometimes friends come and
friends go. But when friends go it
can hurt. But you can always try
to have a clean friendship. And
choose the friends that will stay. 
And love them for infinity ∞

Older Friend 
Bronson K.

My old friend Hendrick I met
him in pre-K and sadly he left
me in pre-K.

Alistair L.

Alexander, my friend.

He got in trouble,
and I slid up to him,

“Alexander, wanna be my friend?”
“How do you know my name?”

I talked to him for a bit,
and he became my friend.

Emory M.

Me and my cousin Carter
always have really fun when
we are together. One time
we had fireworks and a big one
tipped over and we ran and
were laughing.

Aniya R.

Friendship is love
like doves above
I like to
have friends.

Bhavagna T.

A star has 5 ends.

A square has 4 ends.

A triangle has 3 ends.

A line has 2 ends.

But a circle has no end,

And so does friendship.

Lucas Z.

My best friend always plays with me.
He helps and laughs with
me. We don't fight.

We play video games. Board games
and a lot more. I have
a lot of friends 

but this is my best friend 
and he always plays with

Ms. Nelson
4th Grade

Adysun A.

When she walks in the room heads

turn away from me to her. Short.

Tall. Still pretty. No matter what. We care for
each other. Look after their backs. We may
have our ups and downs but who cares?!
As long as we are together. We will
help each other evolve and grow into
wonderful ladies!

Your Absence
Victoria F.

Liam my dearest friend,
why did you have to go?
I really miss you so.

But it seems like no one cares about you.
Dead or not, I would remember our fond memories.
And I will keep wearing the friendship bracelet you
gave me.

Now here I am in the same park we used to
play in the most.
By the way mom made me.

Matea K.

The day I met you
it was the best day of
my life.

But if I lose I will
always have you.

Seeing your beautiful
eyes every time I see
you, I'm glad I'm with

I discovered a beautiful
best friend when I saw
you I'm happy I'm
with you.

But we will also
have our friendship 
and we will never lose

Marco P.

Roommates	friends 	brothers

kids		boys		girls

sisters		cousins	        dogs

cats		hamster	        goodbye

I'm		fighting	for

our		country	        goodbye

my		friends 	goodbye.

Ella R.

Friendships all come in
different forms. Some break some stay for the rest 
of life. Some last a day some last an hour some last
a minute some last forever some stay some
go. But you know when it will last a long

Some will stay
some will go but you
know when it will stay.

Some only have only one friend.
You will know who is a real friend 
and who is not.
When there is laughter and fun.

The Octopus (a friendship poem)
Arjun R.

I put on my scuba diving suit
and dived into the water with my other recruits.
The ocean life was colorful and sweet,
with fish swimming, organized and neat.
Here was the octopus, my very best friend,
who our friendship has no end.
We swam together in the beautiful sea,
with many colors of blue and green.
We became friends for life, no doubt it's true,
and when we see each other, it takes away our gloom,

When I Was the New Girl
Eliza V.

On the first day at school I walk
in the classroom as shy as I can be.

It was my first time at this

I walk to the back of the class 
to find my seat.
As I sit I look back I see
a friendly smile.

I say “hi” the girl in the 
back replies hi.

A couple years later still
friends so much friendship.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.