Becoming a Dream

For their second virtual poetry lesson Shoesmith students explored poetry about dreams.  Dreams are the images that play inside our heads while we sleep, but also what we imagine, or wish will happen to ourselves in the future. Students were asked the question “If you could become a dream, what type of dream would you be?” To answer this question, students read the poem “Daydream,” by Gael G, a seventh-grade student who was featured in the 826CHI organization’s anthology Compendium Vol. 6. The poet uses metaphors to compare himself to dreamlike things. “I am from a world where we are all falling, but we are phoenixes and we rise again.” Gael G not only creates images that are fantastical but also inspiring, to instill a sense of hope in his readers.

Inspired by Gael G, students wrote poems describing themselves as different types of dreams.  Enjoy these published poems.


Ms. Wesson 5th Grade
Group 1


The Magnificent Dream 
Deondray B.

I am a the hero in the story, but my real self  that can be something besides a zero.
I am the hedge in the dream, I’m sonic, so I got superhero speed and super friends.
I am the brave warrior in the story, so you better watch out.
I am the rich one in the story, so much money my house looks like honey.
I am the bumble bee from transformers the best bee that ever lived.
I am the actual bee in the story, so don’t touch flowers or your bumps are going to bloom.
I am whatever I want to be in my dream cause nobody is here to stop me.
I am the author in the story cause the writer got a job.
I am the wild beast on the dance floor, they call me the party animal.
I am the kind of the beast, better than a lion and I’m not lying.
I am the best video gamer, play Roblox all day and play it until the clock chimes.
I am out of here. I had a wonderful time and was stuck on the screen like a mime.


Nightmare Dream
Xavier H.S.

I am the demon above you, telling you you won’t make it in life.
I am the sleep paralysis demon who scare you.
I am the person who discourages you.
I am your good and bad demon.
I am your angel fighting your sins.
I am the your day and night demon.
I am your demon beside you, doubting you.
I am your sins beneath you.
I am the that lasts forever.


The Feel Good Dream
Timothy M.

I am a comedian telling jokes.
I am inspiration when you’re thinking about hard times.
I am feel good music when you’re down.
I am your favorite food on a rainy night.
I am your people dancing in the streets.
I am the best person in the world when you need help.
I am juice in the morning when you’re eating breakfast.
I am Minecraft when you need freedom.
I am the lakeview in Chicago.
I am the bed when you are tired.



Ms. Wesson 5th Grade
Group 2


Perfect World
Jonah C.

I dream a world where bullies are nice.
I dream a world where people never die.
I dream a world where nobody is homeless.
I dream a world where nobody is a loser.
I dream a world where there’s a cure for everything.
I dream a world where everyone is cool.
I dream a world where nobody is fat.
I dream a world where everyone is awesome.


My Dream
Charles O.

I am a inspiration riding a dragon.
I am the sky fighting pollution.
I am a difficult game finally being beaten.
I am a rubix cube.
I am a cloud raining a 100 dollar bills.
I am a spider that defies gravity.
I am a cloud giving high fives to people.
I am an astronaut doing a dab in space.


The Good Dream
Demetrion P.

I dream a world in my candy made house.
I dream a world floating in the clear blue sky.
I dream a world going to the beach with the scorching hot sun.
I dream a world where cars are flying with airplanes.
I dream a world where everything will be good. They found a cure for the coronavirus.
I dream a world where everything you wish for will come true.
I dream a world with me at school playing with my friends.
I dream a world where birds are talking to me.



Ms. Henry 6th Grade
Group 1


Miley C.B.

I am the singing warming people’s hearts.
I am the dancing making people smile.
I am the joke that makes people laugh.
I am the planes flying through the big blue clouds.
I am the clowns sneaking up and giving you light pink cotton candy.
I am the blackbirds singing in the dead of night.
I am the inspiration that helps others feel good about themselves.
I want to be the light that shines in people’s eyes.


Weird Isn’t It?
NGone D.

 I am a weird dream.
I am an unexplainable dream no one understands.
I am a dream with a deeper cave to explore.
A dream you think about all day, trying to decode.
I am a mixed dream.
I am the forgotten grove of dreams.
I am the confusing dreams.
I am a dream within a timeline.
I am more than just a dream right?
The brain thought of a dream, so there has to be a explanation.


Brooke S.

I am inspiration falling from the sky like rain.
I am the flowers the neighborhood plants so they
can smile at the sun.
I am a hat that helps transform you into a cat.
I am a book of knowledge and wisdom to help you
with the obstacles of life.
I am a tear of inspiration hoping they love you.
I am the courage to stand up to the bully.



Ms. Henry 6th Grade
Group 2


Realistic Dream
Tsehai D.

I am flower getting picked up by a little girl.
I am a mirror breaking into small pieces.
I am a popsicle getting melted down in the hot sun.
I am a phone being used all day.
I am a wolf howling at a full moon.
I am a shirt getting put in a washing machine.
I am a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly.
I am a light turned on all the time.
I am a window getting looked through everyday.


Inspirational Dream
Tamia G.

I am from lots of inspiration.
Making people’s dreams come true.
Making people believe in themselves,
having hope and faith in everyone.
I am from lots of dancing.
Having lots of moves to move.
Being myself and dancing on planets.
Dancing around candy and anywhere.
I just feel free to move.
I am from lots of family.
Being there when they need me.
Inspiring each other to do our dreams,
and doing what all families do which is
love each other.
I am from myself.
Being myself, having a good time.
Doing what I really need/want
Eating all the candy floating in the air.


Founder Dream 
Tyler L.

I am the founder of the cure for COVID-19. 

This took me so long to work on but it had to done. The world was falling apart and people were dying. I traveled on sea in my boat to get this things that can help me with the cure. I had got them all and it work and I had to spread it to hospitals and pharmacies.  

I am helper, A lot of people come up to me calling me for help and safety, but there are more people and I need to make more of the cure. 

I am billionaire. I make lot of money, but I want to keep helping. I gave $10 million  to a charity for kids to to school and find a home. 

I am father. I became a father and I told my child to be a good role model, be respectful and help people. 

I am winner. I own the Nobel Peace Prize. I was so glad and appreciative that I got this, and made so many people look up to me. 

I am  legend. I been an amazing father and been work on more cures. If this COVID-19 happens again, I have a documentary about my cure and success.

I am lover. I love the world and love the people and I put all my effort into saving the people and keeping the world a safe place.

I am proud. I’m proud of my work and my daughter. She going to middle school and wants to be a doctor to help people.

I am old and my daughter is continuing my legacy. 





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.