“Poetry is like gold in the garden” ~ Ars Poetica @ Avondale Logandale

Last week at Avondale Logandale, the students wrote their very own ars poetica – a poem about the art of poetry. Now quite a few weeks into their residency, its time for these poets to let us know what poetry is for them!

Students read and discussed sample ars poetica poems before writing their own poems that express how they would describe the art of poetry using descriptive language: imagery, similes, metaphors, and sensory descriptions (taste, touch/feel, sound, sight, and smell).

Scroll down to enjoy this week’s published ars poetica poems!


Ms. Lozada
4th Grade


Ryan R.

Poetry is like a roller coaster coming down.
Poetry is like money coming down from the sky.
Poetry is like french fries in the rainbow.

Poetry is like an elephant screaming.
Poetry is like Starbucks.
Poetry is like dogs running fast.

Poetry is like books coming down in the library.
Poetry is like gold in the garden.
Poetry is like silver in the tree.



Edith M.

A poem is pink pop.
A poem is gold money.
A poem took to a Mexican place.
A poem is Mexican food.
A poem is Mexican candy.
A poem is San Miguel.
A poem is a splash of magic.

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Ars Poetica Similes
Isaly R.

Poetry is like a fluffy puppy.
Poetry is like a smiley face.
Poetry is like art.

Poetry is like chocolate hearts.
Poetry is like faces.
Poetry is like a story.

Poetry is like a small kitten.
Poetry sounds like KA-BOOM!
Poetry is like a strawberry dipped in chocolate.

Poetry is like life.
Poetry is like a heart full of chocolate.
Poetry is like the ring of a phone.



Itzel C.

A poem is the key to to all secrets.
A poem is the history to the whole nation.
A poem is the beauty of the world.

A poem is a love potion.
A poem is the love of the world.
A poem is the sweater of history.



Ms. Miller
3rd Grade



Camila Z.

A poem is an ocean.
A poem is like a rainbow.
A poem is a book.
A poem is like wonder.
A poem is a lion.
A poem is like Jocyana.
A poem is an Angeliz.
A poem is like Goosebumps.
A poem is a Pokemon.
A poem is like Mariah.
A poem is a cheetah.
A poem is like cake.
A poem is a puppy.



Your Feeling
Yelitza R.

Poetry is like a dream that comes to life.
Poetry is the sound of rain falling through the sky.
A poem is a shiny glass tower.
Poetry is a warm hug.

A poem is a yummy soup that gives you a good feeling.
A poem is the smell of the beautiful fall trees.
A poem is a trip back in time.
A poem is the feeling of forgiveness.

A poem is the feeling of kindness.
A poem brings friends together.
A poem is a good dream.
A poem is my world.



Royce R.

A poems is a night of ninjas.
A poem is like a the sound of a bird.
A poem is falling rocks.
A poem is like a rainbow.
A poem is a blue sky.
A poem is like a cake.
A poem is like a rabbit.
A poem is a wolf.
A poem is like Star Wars.
A poem is a dad.
A poem is like a brother.
A poem is an Xbox.
A poem is like a TV.



Ars Poetica
Jamilla H.

A poem smells like winter.
A poem is like a lion.
A poem takes me to space.
A poem feels like water on my hands.
A poem sounds like a pin dropping on the floor.
A poem tastes like vanilla ice cream.
A poem feels like 100 flowers on my hand.
A poem smells like ice cream.
A poem takes me to the toy store.
A poem is like Roblox.
A poem is slime.
A poem is a phone.
A poem is a cheetah.



Ms. Afzal
3rd Grade



Mayte O.

Poetry is like a book of cookies.
Poetry is like fishes.
Poetry is like a book that talks to my heart.
Poetry is like candy.
Poetry is like a star.
Poetry is like fish in shiny water.
Poetry is like infinity ice creams.
Poetry is like a dino.
Poetry is like me on the weekends.
Poetry is like my favorite books.
Poetry like hearts in the sun.
Poetry like puppies in their home.
Poetry is like purple flowers on a unicorn.



Poetry Is Like…
Daisy E.

Poetry is like a marshmallow.
Poetry is like a soft cow.
Poetry is like a magical pencil.
Poetry is like a unicorn in space.
Poetry is like a floating zoo.
Poetry is like a piece of paper in the air.
Poetry is like a butterfly in a cave.
Poetry is like a world of pizza.
Poetry is like a bell in a mountain.
Poetry is like a folder of love.
Poetry is like a diamond in a house.



Poetry’s Like
Jesse R.

Poetry is like soccer.
Poetry is like Sundays.
Poetry is like chocolate ice cream.
Poetry is like popcorn.

Poetry is like Legos.
Poetry is like Roblox.
Poetry is like WWE.
Poetry is like Fortnite.

Poetry is like Iron Man.
Poetry is like Robin.
Poetry is like Brandon’s diary.
Poetry is like my universe.



Megan T.

Poetry is like mixed up words.
A poem is like a pencil that never stops writing.
Poetry is like my hand in the fresh and warm air up high.
A poem is like a story that never ends.
Poetry is like colorful markers that never stop imagining what to draw.
A poem is like reading the really, really far future.
Poetry is like oranges and apples talking to each other.



Ms. Pease
3rd Grade


Isaac O.

A poem is kids playing.
A poem is a pizza.
A poem is a dog.
A poem is an Xbox.
A poem takes me to Mexico.

A poem is a word.
A poem is a cow.
A poem is a game.
A poem saved my life.

A poem is a surfboard.
A poem is a Raptor skin.
A poem is a Raptor pick.



Poetry Sounds
Leah F.

Poetry sounds like wind in the air.
Poetry sounds like cake.
Poetry sounds like angels.
Poetry sounds like Joshua crying.
Poetry sounds like cupcakes.
Poetry sounds like space.
Poetry sounds like dogs.
Poetry sounds like cats.
Poetry sounds like cats.
Poetry sounds like Silana talking.
Poetry sounds like rain.
Poetry sounds like water.
Poetry sounds like paper.
Poetry sounds like pencils.
Poetry sounds like tables.



Simile Poem, Metaphor Poem
Joshua B.

Poems are like cupcakes.
Poems sound like the wind.
Poetry is like fun.
Poetry is like a playground.
Poetry sounds like sizzling.
Poetry sounds like birds tweeting.

Poetry is fun.
Poems are joyful.
Poetry is cool.
Poems are great.
Poetry is funny.
Poems are birds singing.
Poetry is…good.



Poetry Is Like
Angel L.

Poetry is like flowers on the ground.
Poetry is a book of art.
Poetry is like popcorn at the movies.
Poetry is waves in the ocean.
Poetry is like a computer.
Poetry is air in the sky.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.