Are You a Dreamer?

I was eager to get reacquainted with Shoesmith 4th graders, as it had been four weeks since our last session! We opened up our first lesson of 2022 thinking, talking, and writing about different kinds of dreams: from daydreams, sleeping dreams, and nightmares, to dreams as goals and hopes for ourselves. Are you a dreamer?
Students were challenged to write a dream poem that (1) features the word “dream;” (2) is 9 lines or more, and (3) possibly has one repeating line.

Ms. Lehner
4th Grade

The Kid that Fights
Caden B.

I had a dream and in it somebody
was trying to fight me
I was 5 years
old and I was scared of
him. my parents helped
me and the dude that
was trying to fight me
he was hurt and he said
sorry to me.  and he
wanted to be my friend.


The Cockroach Dream
Amare H.

Once upon a time I had a dream about
a cockroach
I ran away from it but I was slow
so he already gave me poison
I had my cover
and I made him leave
my mom was going down
my grandma was choking on a grape but I smacked
her back and she hit the cockroach so I had
got my mom up and we killed it with a ninja
tool and mom said “Time for school!” but I said “I have
then we had hot chocolate.


My Dreams
Dominic K.

Once I had a dream in
fourth grade and it
happened.  I had a dream
about a game
and it was very scary.
I had a dream about
playing PS6. I had a dream
of getting a new game
console. I had a scary
dream of this weird clown.
I had a dream of a dog
talking. I had a dream of
being in animé. I had
a dream of watching naruto.
I had a dream
of being a cartoon. I had
a dream of going to
college. I had a dream of
making my own video game.
I had a dream of beating
naruto. I had a dream
of being in Minecraft. I had
a dream


Daydreams & Nightmares
Naomi O.

Daydreams help me think
of what can next happen.
but when I am in school
sometimes daydreams stop
turn into nightmares then
go back and forth

but daydreams help me think
of what can happen next so
I go on until
someone stops me but
no one will so stop
go, go & stop.


the end of the world
Jerome P.

I had a dream
that it was the end of the world
but I did not care
about it. there were
but I did not care
about it.
were being murdered
but I did not care
about it. people killed
each other
but I did not care
about it.


Dreams of the Future
Madison H.

When you dream of the future
you dream of something that’s
not happening. It could happen next day
next week, next month, or
next year.

If you dream of the future
you may never know when
it happens.

My favorite dream
of the future was when it was
my birthday.  The day before
I dreamed of going to a hotel
with my friend.  It actually

And the dream could be about
anything: winning the lottery
or a surprise you get. It
could actually be anything and
you could be anywhere.  If you dream
of the future, you may never
know when it happens.

Group 2 – 4th Grade

Zoe’s Dreams
Zoe L.

I dream about not having to wear glasses anymore
because I want to be cooler.
I dream that I can have lot’s of money
I dream of having my own room
I dream to be smart and always get A+’s in school
because I want to get into college
I dream of going to Hawaii
I dream of getting more friends
I dream that I don’t have a mean brother
I dream of getting a five star island in animal crossing
because I think it is really cool!
I dream of getting nicer writing.


Olympic Poem
Leah S.

I once had a dream that I met
Simone Manuel, and she was
teaching me what I had to
do if I want to be in
the Olympics, which I do. One of
the words she said is “Practice,
believe in yourself, and if you
keep doing those things you
will get there and you will
have your dream,” but she said
“You have to learn, too.”


My Dream Life
Kylie H.

I have a dream that I will own  store.
I have a dream that I got an award.
I have a dream that I could graduate.
I have a dream that I can be a clothing designer.
I have a dream that I could have
everything I wanted.
I have a dream that I could have a yacht.
I have a dream that I can have a
million oversized T-shirts.
I have a dream that I can have a
pink-themed room.
I have a dream that I can meet
Kamala Harris (my idol).


My Dreams
JaMarr N.

In my dreams my dreams are
sometimes bright
and happy some are
dark and scary.

One time I had a nightmare
I was playing on my game
and then I heard
weird noises.
I looked outside my room.
There was Michael Myers, Penny Wise,
and Jason so I closed
my door and locked it.
I turned around and Penny Wise was behind me
and then Michael and Jason kicked down
the door.  They all ran into
me, then my nightmare was over.


Big Hopes & Dreams
Akira S.

I have a dream that one day
I can be a fashion designer or
a singer/rapper or an artist and
I have this big hope that I can
learn Japanese like when I was
4, I could do so many things. I have
a dream one day I could make
millions of friends or millions of
dollars like I can buy everything.
I also have a dream where
I could do everything but also
I can be a karate queen
or a pastor maybe
one day I can create a family
or dance a lot. But
one dream I have is maybe
I will retire from it all.
Just take a break.
Maybe I could own a restaurant.
I could do many things but
Just one day I’m going to need a
break but you can do it all
one day because I have one big
dream & hope everyday!


Weird Dreams Day
Ja’Ray B.

It was night and I was in bed
I had a weird dream:  my step dad
who passed
he came in my dream
he was at our house.  I said “I thought
you were dead” he said “No, I’ve been at the
house.” I went in my room and it was so
crazy.  I told my mom, she said “Come with
me so I can see what you’re talking about.” Then
she said the same thing and I walked
back there.  He was gone.  I was like

Then I woke up the next morning
I told my mom what happened, she said
“I miss him so much.”  I started to cry
because it was so real.  And then I went back to sleep.
I had the same dream, then my step dad was in the room
with my mom.  I was like “Mom, is he in the
room with you?” she said “What?”
She came in the
room with me, then we went
to sleep.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.