Ancestors and Abuelitos: 5th Grader’s Tributes

Avondale-Logandale 5th graders were so inspired by the video we watched during Women’s History Month of Mayda del Valle performing poems she wrote about her mother and grandmother, that they had to write their own! As remote and hybrid learning continued, we looked at the poems “My Grandmother/ Mi abuela” by Pela Chacón, and “Abuelíto Who/ Abuelíto que” by Sandra Cisneros  – two different kinds of tributes to grandparents written in both English and Spanish.  We talked about grandparents and ancestors and family members who we have never met, and then wrote our own poems.

Mrs Pannell
5th Grade – Room 204

My Grandpa the one who was always there for me
Angelina A.

My grandpa’s name was Noberto Adames
He liked many things, like cars, and even dancing
One of the best things was that he was in the military for 14 years when young
Some more things he liked was fishing and going on boats

He had no hair, sadly, hazel eyes, and was 5″6 tall (Then how come I’m so short?)

He was my grandpa and I miss him very much even though I didn’t really know him
well. I still would like to learn about him.

But the thing is that my grandpa was amazing even though I didn’t know him. I know he was amazing by someone describing him. ‘Cause if he’s my dad’s father then I know he was amazing like my dad was.


My abuelita
Andrivel Q.

My abuelita is like the color blue
My abuelita is kind as the ocean waves
My abuelita is careful like a mom spider with her babies
My abuelita is beautiful like a honey bee
My abuelita is thoughtful of life
My abuelita is thinking about us in heaven
My abuelita is an angel in heaven…


mis abuelitos
Jennifer C.

Mi abuelita es como las estrellas es muy linda
Mi abuelita es como un algodón muy  suave
Mi abuelita es como una mujer silenciosa
Mi abuelita es como un arco iris  porque se viste de colores
Mi abuelita es como un perrito cuando se enoja porque no para de hablar
Mi abuelita es como la luna para mi porque ella para mi brilla .

Mi abuelo es como la nieve muy suave
Mi abuelito es como un hombre muy hablador
Mi abuelo es como un perezoso porque quiere dormir todo el tiempo
Mi abuelito es como un gatito muy cariñoso y  amable
Mi abuelito es como las estrellas asi de lindo
Mi abuelito es como la luna para mi porque para mi abuelito brilla mucho


My Grandma
Eduardo H.

My grandma
my grandma was like a protector
she loved me and she always picked me up from school
and helped me with my homework
I missed her when she was in a plane crash
In this day I still miss her


Grandma doesn’t care
Mitzielys T.

Mi abuela I love touching your fuzzy sweaters and your squishy shoes

Grandma doesn’t care
she gives me ice cream on top of my mom’s opinion
I got some chocolate in her new couch
she doesn’t care although I am kind of mad because
Grandma is not even your real name

She taught me how to plant although I ruined my new shirt with dirt.
She doesn’t care! (But my mom does)

Abuelita doesn’t care
what my mom says, she protects me: “LEAVE HER ALONE!!”
I am her colita following her EVERYWHERE!!!

I do not fear anymore
Grandma’s there where you least expect it
she’s there
I am blessed to have a Grandma like you
an undeserved gift from heaven


Leslie M.

My grandpa’s voice makes me so happy and makes me smile
He is such a kind person
He always buys me things I need; like food and stuff for school
I appreciate my grandpa
I love him a lot
When I do something wrong he helps me do it right
He never stops believing in me
I am so grateful to have him by my side.

5th Grade – Room 206

My Grandpa
Angel L.

My grandpa is one of the bravest people I know.
He battled through the loss of an arm at his job which was in a factory
and he stuck his hand in a machine for the job
but the machine malfunctioned and he lost his arm.
He is still alive today.
He has to wear a hook hand and everyone calls him Captain Hook.


I love my grandma
Bianca D.

My grandma is soft, and nice like a daisy as she is on Hawaii Island.
My grandma is like a basketball player when she wins me at volleyball.
My grandma and I always go shopping on the weekends and we do art together and we do cookies.
My grandma and I are like BFF (best friends forever).
My grandma and I feel grateful that we get to do the things we do
and that she finds the time to play with me and my siblings.


Family of the past
Michael N.

Moms, Dads, brothers and sisters.
They are the reason you are here.
The reason your family will grow.

But let’s time travel to the late
1900’s and lets see why you are really here
(WWWHHH Ooo aaa )

( Poof )
Now that we are here.
Lets see what we could find.

As we look around
We find your grandparents
As children

Their parents are your great-grandparents.
But you don’t know them because
They probably passed away before you were born

You notice that their house is not like yours today.
That’s because there were not that many things
To help or many jobs to make money back then

You also notice that they are wearing black and white because
No one knew what colors were besides the rainbow
Now you know that your grandparents would have babies that are your parents in present day.

( Beep beep )
( Beep beep )
Well we’ve got to go so say bye.

( WWWHHH Ooo aaa )
( Poof )
So now you know what it was like back then for your grandparents.


my elia
Elicia N.

Oh my elia
You are the best grandma to me
Oh my elia
You are sometimes annoying but you are sweet after all
Oh my elia
Thank you for teaching me how to cook food
Oh my elia
Hope you never die and live forever


Lost but not found, In the light of the heavens above.
Sophia B.

I wish I could have a string of lights of photos with you on them.
I wish I could see you in person
Don’t you ever wonder, How a person smells just by seeing a picture of them?
All of the numbers in my head connect to you.
The countulations that I think you are.
Fractions, Wholes, Numerators, Denominators, decimals and so on, They all make me think of you.
In science it’s a mystery for you.
I’m the detective and you are the suspect.
I don’t know who you are, all I know is that I haven’t seen you in person.
I’m the cop trying to find the mystery.
I wonder, are you made of matter? No I’m not talking about “do you matter” but are you made of matter?
You were before. But I wonder, are you now?
I know matter is everything but, What about the heavens? Are they made of matter too?
But either way, I still haven’t seen your spouse, not even in photos! But I’ve seen you,
So I wrote about you Abuela.


My Grandmother
Megan T.

My grandmother, such a nice person
We live far from each other, so far that we have to travel by plane
but that doesn’t stop us from communicating

We only talk 3 times a month, sometimes 4
I’m always busy with other things
She’s gotta deal with my annoying cousins

She has a very nice personality
Along with her peach-colored skin
Let’s not forget her pure-brown eyes

She’s in her early 70’s
She is the person you can’t lie to
She will always make you happy

She’s my grandmother
The person I love and always will
The person that will never leave my side






“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.