Alliteration in Action

The 7th and 8th grade poets from Miss McClain’s class wrote an exercise in alliteration. A commonly used literary device to capture the ear of the reader, see if you can say these tongue twisters five times fast.


Lexie A.

Lexie likes to look longingly into the little lake, so lenient Lexie leaned then leaped into the little lake, leaving her lethargic lynxes. Lost, like leprechauns’ gold, Lexies’ lynx’s looked high and low. Lacking Lexie, the lynxes longed for lamented Lexie. Lavish lasagna lounges on the lilac picnic blanket with lemonade, lukewarm lobster linguine, and more but it lays untouched by Lexie’s lugubrious lynxes.


Ethan G.

Ethan eats eggs eagerly every evening egregiously with Eggos and his exquisitely enormous ego


Diego L.

Diego dijo “dame dinero” a Dona Daisy con Diana en Denver, comiendo donas el la discoteca


Daniela M.

Daniela dances with dolphins and the dinosaurs but later walks out the door and departs from them


Estephanie A.

Steph slithers, slurring small soft whispers, sleeping soundly. Small sunshine rays slap her face strongly screaming and shaking her to wake up. In the end sleepy Steph slept.

Benedetto L.

Benedetto has been to a bar with bears barbequing bananas while beating boomers in bingo with a basket. Back in Birmingham full of boring banks hiding a billion boats full of burnt beef giving birth to books about boring blue backpacks

Madeline H. 


Madeline makes milkshakes for Mallery on Mondays in March. The mailman made a magic machine. Future is a monthly magazine meanwhile mad Mariela met Mark at the major market in May


Luke O.

Luke loves lions with lisps. Ludacris likes a luscious lasagna while licking little lemon lollipops during Lent


Samira O. 


Samira sold some Syrian soup to Shopie and Sarah. Sally was selling sandwiches on Saturday September 6th


Lasean T. 


Lasean left London to live in Lakeshore looking for love on Love Island little Lasean lifted loads of weights longing to levitate to LeBron James who was fighting Leonardo DiCaprio who was boxing with Luke.


Dina P. 


Dina dropped a dozen donuts driving to Denver. When she arrived she dived into Lake Delton. Did she die or did she disappear that’s what everyone would like to hear.


Elias A. 


Elias eats elephants in England with his cat Envy after eating the Eiffel Tower in Ecuador then he blasts off to Eugene and ate at Elevation Burgers


Sofia A. 


Sophia sells shakes with a small still stand. It sparkles and shines with a soft seal. Sofia sells squid seaweed along with Spam and salami


Charlie M.


Charlie chucked a chuckling chicken at a chocolate cheddar cake. He swung on a chain listening to House of Payne as he wrote on a checkerboard with chalk as the chosen one


Mary G. 


Mary married a fairy named Larry but wasn’t merry till she ate cherries and berries with Gary, Jerry and Harry







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.