“A World Made For Us”

For our 6th sessions, Twain 3rd Graders imagined the kind of world we would live in if they were in charge. I shared my poem, “Life is For Us and It Shines,” which is written from the point of view of children. I explained that my poem was inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks’ “A Little Girl’s Poem,”  (2:18) and that I used the final line of her poem, “We have a right to sing,” as the first line of my poem.  In addition to discussing changes we would make to the world (if any), we also talked about taking inspiration from other poets to make original works of our own.  Students were invited to include lines from my poem that they liked. (Such lines will be in italics, below). Students were encouraged to be serious as well as silly; and some students were challenged to make a poem of at least 2 stanzas; to include comparisons; and have at least 2 lines that rhyme. Enjoy!

Mrs. Murphy
3rd Grade

We Deserve No Bullies
by Gizella M.

I want other kids to be free
from hurting and burning
They deserve to feel free
and buzz like a little bee

Others feel sick of people being mean
and then they just leave
We need to stop being scared of those bullies
and fight for what’s right

Those bullies are taking over
and making us feel so sad and mad


Sami’s World
by Sami M.

I want everyone to have a home and no one in the cold
and everyone safe in their home
and no one is going to get hurt
Kids will be safe by the ocean
and no one throws trash in the ocean
I want to see people having a good time.
No one is going to hurt or disrespect others.
I want to see everyone not bullying others
and no one being mean
I want to see everyone having friends
no one sitting by their self
and everyone having a good day at school
and no one sad
and I want to see people smiling
and having a good time
and everyone have a good time.


Our Life
by Madeline G.

we want hope and not fear
over our sweet life with a ear.
It is right to adopt
and not mop.
doves are nice
and not like lice.
we want life and not death
we want to go to heaven
and not where bad things happen.


In My World
by Donovan D.

In my world there is going to be
pizza like a burning volcano
ice cream like an ice bath
and people that love pizza and ice cream

Fruit and veggies that taste like
cakes and cupcakes
people who like to swim
and cook


My Own World
by Samantha M.

In my world we would give money to poor countries
there will be a well with a lavender smell

In my world we will fly like a bird

Children and people won’t litter
in my world

There would be a smell of pizza or chocolate
Limes would taste like the energy drink, “Prime”
In my world we would care
for air
world cities, towns, and countries.


We Need Blessing and Grace
by Leslie O.

for all the homeless children
who don’t have a home

who need love and care
for all their tone

we need justice and safety
for all the time

in all the success
and all the bless

we need a right
to sing and dream

with all the blessings
and graces
we all need

Ms. Lee
3rd Grade

In My World
by Angelina

no more homework
no bombing places because of their race
kindness only
daily polar express only
only Stanley water bottles


I Want My World To Be
by Andrea C.

No more child abusing
No more mean parents
No more stress and depressedness
Nice and kind teachers
daily game break every Friday for 10 minutes
lots of hello kitty stores
nike with hello kitty shoes
be respectful to others
children who wonder
new ice cream machine for McDonald’s


My World
by Ian G.
after Leslie Reese

Children wonder
about when the world is going to end
and when God is going to come
and if children are getting abused

If I was in charge of the world
children would not have to wonder about these things
there would be an infinite supply of chicken nuggets
everyone gets a billion chicken nuggets
no more homeless people
have a house made of chicken nuggets


In my world
by Emily C.

Infinite nice people
more colorful flowers
infinite cats
more awesome things in the future
such as a wonderful community
infinite butterflies


Amelia J.

I wish we had ten days in a week
I want everyone to have food so people
won’t be hungry
I want everyone to have
everything they need
I wish when you push a button your bed
turns into a swimming pool
so everyone has a place to learn
to save the environment and animals.


Ms. Isaacs
3rd Grade

A World of Peace
by Roman R.

A world of no war
peace and fun nature
and happiness
fresh water, talking animals
laughing, playing
no houses, just nature and God still alive
beautiful waterfalls
good animals only good people
climbing trees, happy families
no school but
teachers will teach how to survive nature and gather food


This Is My World
by Grace M.

In my imagination world
people are axolotls
you can ride dolphins
books color-change
and everything smells
like lavender and laundry


Kyze T.

In my imagination a dream world
would have world peace, schools illegal,
Kocho is the most adorable cat
Everything is free and money isn’t a thing
volleyball is the best sport
Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin
is the best
and everyone is born smart, no one dies.



In the world of my dreams filled with capyboras
filled with the smell of blueberry jello
the taste of fresh French fries
ferrets and cats roaming free
spending all my time playing video games
and going to the park


Mrs. Lamas
3rd Grade

el mundo de mi sueño
by Katherine R.

un mundo que no ahi quepo nresa
un mundo que los animales no se an maltratado
un mundo que los lobos se an mascotas
un mundo que las casa se an catillos


Mia M.

Parents go to bed early
Fireflies live longer
Trees don’t lose their leaves in winter
Flowers live forever
People live forever


A World With Love
by Arantza P.
credit to Lily A. who helped me rhyme

In the world in my mind, there is peace and love
you relax in your bed with a melted hot chocolate bomb
the money in the world is separated fair and square
it is their right to waste it on whatever they dare.
There are multiple colors in the sun
while you relax in a hammock with a cinnamon bun







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.