A True Account of Talking to our Stuff (pt. 2)

Since I teach five classes at Taft, I’ll split my posts up like this. Hooray!

Mrs. Asvos
7th Grade, 6th Period

Morgan Z.

The streets roar with anger,
Their fury washing oer me,
Like ocean waves.

The wind whispers kindly
That everything will be okay,
Like a counselor and her patient.

The cars chase each other,
Laughing like little kids,
Playing tag on the playground.

The buildings stand tall,
Watching over to make sure everyone is okay,
Like security on duty.

And when I go downtown,
The city talks,
Like family and their friends.

“As I Fall”
Yesenia B.

When I woke up I felt a breeze and the leaves screamed except for one. That leaf talked to me. “They can’t calm down, just because you fall doesn’t mean you’re done.” said the leaf as it started to get weak. “Hey, leaf, you haven’t been here in quite a while, and you can’t blame them, they’re scared of the fall.” I said. The leave said that “They don’t have to be the strongest in order to stay on top, as for me my time came but I’m not worried, I accomplished my dreams.” said the old leaf as they started to fall. “Are you scared of what will happen next?” I said. The leaf said, “No, life is but a journey, it’s unpredictable, anything can happen.”

Patrick A.

“Hey you little watermelon slice.
You look like a delicious snack I could eat!”

“No, please don’t eat me!
I have little babies in me that still haven’t grown!
Why won’t you eat the banana?”

“The banana is small and dry.
You are a big chunky and juicy fruit.
You will make my day if I eat you.”

“Please don’t eat me!
I am still young.
You can eat the orange!
It is way more delicious than me!”

“I guess you are right.
But I don’t have an orange.
It was nice to talk to you!”

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble.

“The Maple Tree”
Shannon T.

Bang Bang Bang
“Wake up” it says
What do you want!
“Now let me teach you a little about life”
“I always see you every day with different people, changing your outfit and running around.
You can’t impress anyone
Be like me, a tree
You change when you can
You are who you are
But occasionally
You drop everything and come back as
Something completely new,
The old you.”

You know, I think I’ll try that
Today I’m gonna be ME

Mrs. Asvos
7th Grade, 7th Period

Samia K.

I walk into my study and open my sunroom door.
I suddenly hear a noise. Then I hear a loud bang.
I turn around to see my [case?] bobbing up and down
I go to the case and my violin pops open in front of me.
“Hey, if you love playing me so much
then why do you keep me in this boring case.
I am meant for making noise, not for being quiet.”
“I am busy. I have work.” I reply.
“I am work.”
“What do you mean?” I ask.
“Well if you want to get better at playing me you have to practice. You can’t just leave me in the corner and forget about me till Saturday night. I am work. You have to work with me and your bow to get better. The more you practice the more I can help you to get better.
If you do not practice I get out of tune, I lose memory, your bow loses technique. Promise me that you will practice me every day.”
“I promise” I said.
“Good because if you do you will get gifts from me for practice.”

Amanda T.

The food on my dinner plate stares at me blankly, and asks “Why do you not dare touch me with that fork?”

I respond quietly “Well, look at you… and smell you, who would want to eat that.”

A tiny pea rolls out from under the meatloaf and says in a squeaky voice
“I don’t understand, we make you strong and healthy. Why do you not like me? Did I do something wrong?”

I can feel my heart crack and before I know it, I am picking up my fork saying,
“How bad could it really be?”

Natasha B.

When I was driving in my car
an airplane landed next to me
and started rolling along side of the car.

I was startled but then it started speaking.
It asked “How well do you know people that you think you know very well?” I answered
“What do you mean?” “Come with me.”

I jumped into the airplane and the Airplane flew me to Paris, France. I saw my Aunt Betty. She was stealing things. “You’re right, I never knew my aunt was a thief, but you showed me people are not always as they seem,” I said.

“My Shoes”
Jake S.

S: Good morning!
M: Good morning shoes!
S: Where do you plan to walk today.
M: I don’t know, school I guess.
S: Well that’s boring, at school all I do is sit there and feel the tiles on the floor. You should go somewhere more interesting.
M: Yeah like what.
S: Well I go around and see lots of places. I’ve seen everything you’ve seen and it’s not very much, go outside and see the world, I mean I want to see it too.
M: Well what if I’m too busy.
S: Trust me I know better than anybody that you need to run more often to get in shape.
M: Ok.

Mrs. Asvos
7th Grade, 8th Period

Sam K.

“Hey you, EAT MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” said my midnight snack.
I was surprised that the food spoke to me. “How can you talk?” I said. The llama meat responded, “I am llama meat. I can do anything!” I was stunned at how mean this piece of llama meat was. “I am talking to you because I am here to tell you that you should never give up. Keep trying to be the best at food-eating competitions.” said the meat. “I will” I replied.

“The Air”
Emily C.

The air, the cold air, it burns
my lungs and with eery breath
it hurts me.

“The pain is lasting” it remind me. “Always there.
Reminding you that for however long you are here there will always be sting but to stay alive
you need to keep on breathing.”

“My Chair”
Molly O.

I was sitting at the table
home alone doing homework
when my chair started
talking to me.

“You know” it said
“I’m not particularly
fond of you. Or any
of your human friends.”

“Why not?”
“Because. You come every
day and sit on me.
You spill your drinks and food on me.
You stick your gum on my underside.”

“I don’t even like gum.”
“It does not matter.
You and every other
person in this home

Sit on me
with no respect. I
don’t think you would be too happy
being sat and stood on everyday.”



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.