A Tisket, A Tasket

This week we read Robert Creeley‘s poem, “A Wicker Basket.” Continuing our discussion on similes, we talked about the three in the poem—“hands like a walrus,” “face like a barndoor’s,” and “street like a night”—considering what those comparisons might mean? The first two, in particular, initiated some very interesting ideas! We also looked for all the rhymes, hearing (and seeing) that some of them were not perfect but kind of close, such as racket, make it, and basket, and considered why the poem is titled as it is, especially since a basket doesn’t appear until the very last line.

Selected lines from the poem describe “a slice of apple pie, / with a gob of white, white ice cream on top of it,” and they inspired the Thanksgiving week poems, below, about food, favorite or otherwise. Bon appétit!

Ms. Thiel, 2nd Grade

Keyondra G.

My favorite food to eat is Thanksgiving turkey it
makes me feel like I want to party all
day while eating turkey all day
long that was a long day.

Gummie Worms
Amari M.

My favorite thing to eat is gummie worms I like worms.
When I eat it it feels like flying in the air
and like I am in a beautiful place with gummie
worms. Gummie worms are so good.

Solomon P.

Peas take me
to happy times,
they illuminate badness
to the high heavens.
Where they let badness
crumble, twist, break,
fall into the ocean
below. It sinks.
A bomb of
happiness. An
orb of truth.
A food of

Mitra S.

My favorite food
is candy which

Except for one
gummy pickles
like candy

with a
for its

is my

Ms. Ward, 2nd Grade

Hi Food
Monica E.

Hi, food oh
no! The pie pied
Hi food oh no! The
pumpkin pie pied me!

Hi food oh no! The apple pie
pied me!
Hi food!
Oh no the cake caked me!
Hi food! Oh no! The chocolate cake caked me!
Hi food oh no the vanilla cake caked me! Hi food!
Oh no! The broccoli spilled its water on me!
Hi food! Oh no! The seasoned
broccoli spilled its water on me! Hi food oh no both
broccolis spilled their water on me! Hi food oh
no! All the food caked, pied
& splashed
on me!

Five Fingers of Food
Rishita J.

I love pizza because it’s interesting
and tasty and fun

Food Time!
Tahlia L.

I love
I get rice,

To go
it I get
mochi balls
for dessert.

I also
tacos. They’re

Arjun S.

There was a
turkey that got
eaten by a lot of
people and the people
gobbled him up as fast
as a cheetah.

Ms. O’Connor, 2nd Grade

Alex E.

Popsicles are my favorite.
They’re as cold as Antarctica
and they’re as sweet as
a stack of 100
pies. Fiery as flaming fire
calm as a person in a
cool pool.

Evan L.

At first, me no bees like it.
Then me like it lots.
What switched me mind is this:
me tried it once.

Me finds it yummy now.
Who no likes da gravy?
(Dummy me guessing.)

Me likes it now.

Me ended.

Dessert Desert
Josiah R.

I am going to the desert.
Do they have dessert in the desert?
I love dessert but not the desert.
But if they have dessert in the
desert, I would like the desert.
They don’t have dessert in the desert.
Can they put dessert in the desert?
If they put dessert in the desert
we’ll celebrate with dessert.

FOOD!!! Mmmm……..
Rachel X.

I see something in a bowl
I stare at it
I drool at it
I open my mouth
I swallow it.
What was that yummy thing
I ate?
I guess it was some grapes.
I see skinny string
I stare at it
I drool at it
I open my mouth
I swallow it.
What was that yummy thing
I ate?
I guess it was spaghetti.
I see something curled up
I stare at it
I drool at it
I open my mouth
I swallow it.
What was that yummy thing
I ate? I guess it was some shrimp.

Ms. Rupp, 2nd Grade

Different Desserts
Addison A.

You can have your ice cream.
Your ice cream is good.
You could want to eat it.
You can have pumpkin pie
or some blueberry pie.
You can have ice cream,
or some ice cream for
once in a gazillion years.

I Went to the Moon and Saw a Shoe
Rachel B.

I always wanted to go
to the moon, with not much
time to spare. I went
up the ladder and I saw…
the moon. I went to the
moon and I can’t believe
it but I saw a shoe!
“I can’t believe it! The shoe
was as red as an apple and
as orange as an orange. I don’t
understand that! (song)

I went to the mo-on
and saw a sh-oe!”

Sirrena J.

My favorite
food is
is it just me
or are
very good?

Ice Cream
Bailey M.

Oh the coldness
the beauty of which it is
two of though is the
so to give it a toast
and so if you
don’t have to boast say
good to live in peace
because of this beautiful treat
it is SO sweet

Ms. Schwartz, 2nd Grade

Happy Thanksgiving
Morgan H.

I like Thanksgiving
food. I like
turkey, mac-cheese
and juice and everyone
in our family
comes so we can play.
And some of our family come
on Thanksgiving eve and on Thanksgiving day
they wake up and

Jacob L.

At a party, playing a game.
I was the mummy.
But I accidentally walked out of the
I walked everywhere.
I ended up in my friend’s car.
She didn’t notice.
She drove to the restaurant.
I’m supposed to eat pizza.
On the menu
all they have is spaghetti.
No pizza.
C’mon man!
I don’t want to eat here!
So bad!
It’s so racket.
I ate.
My friend
did notice now.
It was fun to eat.
But I want pizza.
I ate though.
We had lots of fun.
We even got
But still very racket.
The special is
I ate turkey.
What fun.
But no party.

Aarav M.

The best Thanksgiving food
is a turkey and dessert.
I love turkey especially when
it is roasted. And my favorite
dessert is vanilla ice cream
from Walgreen’s and other places
that have vanilla ice cream. I hate
chocolate ice cream! It is

Janiyah P.

My best meat
is ham and my
family I hope
my sister won’t
eat all the
rolls I said
that because
she ate it all
with my cousins
I really don’t
want them to

happy Thanksgiving



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.