What are you?

Today we read “Woman” by Nikki Giovanni and “Litany” by Billy Collins, two very different poems that employ a similar device: comparing people to seemingly unrelated things, like places, inanimate objects and elements of nature. Students wrote their own poems that describe people using metaphors.


4th period

Jonathan T.

I am the sea at night, a bird at flight.
I am a shooting star, a fresh new
smell of a car. I am the morning breeze.
I am the winter’s freeze. I am an owl
soaring through the night. I am the birds
singing in the morning when the temperature
is right.

I Am Me
Karmelle S.

I am the deer that is quietly grazing in the field,
listening for any sound that might com.
I am the nighttime sky filled with stars
hoping for someone to wish upon my brightest star.
I am the shadows that flicker off the walls
not completely dark but there watching.

I am the trees that sway back and forth in the wind,
completely hidden in the dark forest.
I am the eagle that soars high into the sky
looking for my next landing pace.
I am the wind that howls into the night,
stirring the leaves as I blow through.

I am not the sun that shines so bright
warming up the people as they lay in the sand.
I am not the squirrel that happily scritters about
playing with the other squirrels.
I am not the dog that sleeps the day away
hoping to wake up to a surprise.

I am the flower that opens up to the sun
showing off my beauty.
I am the grass that moves silently in wind.

I’m Feeling
Kiwon W.

I lost my phone and
I was so cold today
I am a tree with no leaves
I can’t go outside today
My legs are hurting
I am a car with flat wheels


5th period

Tazinique E.

I’m as small as fun size candy bar
I’m as sweet as a Sweet-Tart
I am as mild as a spring day
I am as quiet as a library
I am as silly as a clown when I’m at home
I’m as pretty as a sunflower
I am as friendly as Doc McStuffins

I Am
Nicolas B.

I am intelligent,
I am smart,
I am caring,
And I follow my heart

I am hardworking
Like the sea,
I have no limits,
I am a deep thinker

I am good at some things,
I’m not better than anything
I am quieter than a mouse,
My actions speak,
My words have no meaning to
what I might say

I am intelligent,
I am smart,
I am caring,
And I follow my heart

Meant to Be
Tabitha W.

you are my heart
and soul, you sparkle
like gold.

you make my day,
I think about
you during the day.

I dream about you
every night. we fight,
we play. I just
can’t live without you.

you’re the beginning
and ending to my
stories. I get butterflies
around you.

when you smile
you make me
happy. you’re

I know that
we’re meant
to be.


7th period

My World
Devon T.

I am the darkness that comes
after light. I am the bird longing
to be in flight. I am the thing that
no one gets to see because I am darkness
surrounded by the light.
Sometimes my mind wanders
away from here. I long to be in
that place where the ocean touches
the sky, where no man has any

I am the wolf that wanders alone
after dark. I am also the thing in
the back of the scene. I am green
like the plants that no one watches

In the end I am only me. My
name Devon T., also D.T. If there
is one place you can find me it will
be somewhere because I am still trying
to be free.

My Imagery
Ebony S.

I am a flower
I am a flower that grow
I am a flower that gets watered

You are what you say you are
You are a glow
A glow on a tree
A green tree so tall
tall as a building

However, you are not
A little one
A little crumb on a late
A plate round and flat
So flat you can shape it

It is possible that you are
My imagery
My imagery that I can picture
A shooting star above my imagery
My attention that I pay

Derreon C.

I am shoestrings, so lace me
I am time so don’t waste me
I am talented, I am smart
I am a piece of Art

I am successful but still have goals
I am a flower that has begun 2 grow
I am a fast car
I am a shooting star

I can see
I can see
I am just me



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.