6th graders do a Mic Check

For our 5th and final week of our mini residency, 6th graders read and discussed ideas about Open Mics. Open mics are events open to the public, safe, welcoming places to share your creativity, either by singing, playing an instrument, reciting poetry, or telling comedic jokes.

On Tuesday we looked at the poem “Mic Check,” by Zetta Elliott. In her poem she discussed how she feels sharing her poetry in front of an audience. I can’t rank emcees and won’t try to appease the poetry police./ My words are plain, my message direct/If you find me mundane, just try to respect my delivery/unique like me. Poetry is about expressing your authentic self, without worrying what others think. Inspired by Zetta Elliott, students looked through their folders, choosing poems to edit and rewrite. A few students decided to free write and come up with brand new poems.

On Thursday, we had a poetry reading in the cafeteria. 6th graders were joined by two other Dulles classes who were taught by poetry residents Tor Warren and Caroline Stevens. It was wonderful sharing poetry written during our residency together.

Below are the students free write and rewrite poems. Congrats to students for finishing our 5-week mini residency.



Ms. Alford
6th Grade


Poem About Dulles
By Dezayion E.

Dulles needs to make good food.
They need to fix the cold water.
They need to clean the restrooms.

Dulles needs to give students
better fruits.

Dulles needs to add more stuff
to the classroom.



The Struggles of Women
By Jordyn G. and Takia L.

Part I: Jordyn G.

The struggles of women

We women are more likely to get kidnapped
or molested because of who we are.

Also, women are sexually harassed
because of their bodies.

Most men make women uncomfortable
because of cat calling.

Women have it worse than men.
But men don’t know that women
are just as powerful.

These are the struggles of women.


Part II: Takia L. 

This is the struggles of women.

Most women can’t even walk
outside without being cat called.

Women are more likely to get
SA’d or raped and the first
question asked is….

“What was she wearing?”

Women shouldn’t have to struggle
all because of men being stupid
and try to protect their fragile

This is the struggles of Women.


A Open Mind 
By Khalil H.

Eyes open wide to all the wonderful
things in life.

Leave your inner world.
Embrace the feeling,
Smell the fresh air,
See the blowing leaves,
Hear your favorite song,
and dance.


Football Poem
by Jayden M.

I will make a poem about football,
because football is the best sport
I’ve played.

It’s fun and I love to tackle,
That’s the main good thing
about football.

I love to tackle, but when I tackle
someone, I help them up, to make
sure they are OK.

Because that’s Sportsmanship.


By Shamaria T.

Have you ever thought
that your mind is like

Because bread is not all
the same.

There’s wheat bread, white bread,
there’s lots of bread.

But bread can be different
shapes and sizes just like us.

We are all not the same
shapes or sizes.

We are all different


I like Barbie
By Iyanna S.

I like playing with Barbie.
Barbie is fun to play with.
Barbie are my best friends.

I go to the park with them.
I do their hair.
I get them ready.
I put on their shoes and grab bags.

I like Barbies.









“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.