5th Grade Musings On Reading And Writing

As distance learning continued, 5th graders at Avondale-Logandale considered their feelings about reading and writing. Some students shared that they like being read-to more than they like solitary reading.  Some students said that they feel free and magical when writing their own poems and stories.  Students read and discussed Maya Angelou’s poem “I Love the Look of Words” before writing their own poems.

Mrs. Pannell
5th Grade – Room 204

Poems are ✨Magical✨
Angelina A.

Poems are like building a new story for a newborn child
While writing a poem is like going on an adventure to another dimension
Trying to write a poem is like trying to break free from sadness
A book smells like a new life that is about to begin
Frogs with top hats are like little people hopping across a page of a book
Poems are like someone’s life; they each have a beginning and an end.
Poems can make your brain expand to another dimension of writing


5th Grade – Room 206

The life of a book
Michael N.

The life of a book
Starts at a tree.
The tree grows

The tree gets chopped.
We use the tree wood
To make paper

We write on paper
To make a story.
We put the papers

In order to make the
Story sound good.
That is when a book is born.

People read the story and
The book is happy.
The end.


The Temptation and Trouble of a Book
Jocyana C.

When I get my hands on a new book, I smile
Thinking of what adventure I would be dreaming of
Looking at the number of pages
And what the chapters are named

I spoil myself when I turn to the last page
To read the last sentence
I try to tell myself to read the book tomorrow

But I end up getting on my couch
Getting my blankie
And turn to the very first page

I lose track of time
When I glance up at the clock
And hurry to read the second to the last chapter
And check to see how many pages are left

Books are like little troublemakers
Tricking you
Making you lose track of time
They make you go to sleep late!


Rocks And Poems
Megan T.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to write poems
But sometimes it can be as hard as smashing a rock

Thinking about what to write is tricky:
like untying a rope.


The Milky Way is greater than Writing… but less than Space
Sophia B.

Space… Oh space, filled with deep dark secrets.
Writing in a rustic attic.
The Milky Way talks to your pages, It listens to your thoughts.
You’re currently writing a book. The sun… feels your feelings.
The neon colors you see in the stars, sometimes you see planets.
Writing… You see your emotions reflected in the book cover.

You draw your drawings, for your book, your hand is flowing on the page
Space is watching over you.
You write your paragraphs.
The Milky Way knows it all by heart.
You draw your book cover.
You see Mars reflecting on it.

Planets make you erase your mistakes.
The sun erases your lowercase “I’s”
The moon erases your uncapitalized letters.
But Pluto… has been erased. (Sad, huh?)

The planets are sad, you have stopped to write.
It’s been 7 hours, the planets are still waiting.
Space is in your deep sleep, making your nightmares a dream.
The Milky Way travels through your mind, helping you have a deep sleep. The planets are alone except
the moon, because the moon is making night.

The sun is trapped below the moon, making the moon brighter but not as bright as itself.
The unknown is near everything in the solar system.
They watch over your sleep, but you know,
the Milky Way is greater than Writing… but less than Space.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.