5th and 6th graders give good advice

For their ninth week of poetry Shoesmith 5th and 6th graders discovered what it means to give advice. Advice is a suggestion that is given to someone in order to help and guide them. Many students discussed how they are given advice to motivate them in school, such as “Study Hard,” “Practice makes perfect,” or “Try Your Best.” One student mentioned how he listened to his football coach’s advice that helped his team win the game. By listening to good advice, we can be aided to make decisions that lead to positive outcomes.

Together we read the poem “Advice to Rapunzel,” by Eileen Spinelli. In her poem Spinelli uses couplets, pairs of rhyming words to offer advice to the fairy tale character Rapunzel. Who is this Prince Charming who claims to be true?/Who claims to be caring for nothing put you?/Be sure you’re not blinded by his crown/before you go letting your hair down. Spinellie wants Rapunzel to be cautious and wise, by not letting strangers climb up her hair.

Inspired by Spinelli students wrote their own poems, giving some sage advice.


Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1


Advice to Snow White
By Keira L.

The girl with the curls.
Beware what you eat
a stranger’s apple is not a treat.
It can make your heart beat.
and make you fall asleep.


Beware 3 Bears
by Ashonti H.

Beware 3 bears and a girl with some locks
may enter your house without a knock.

Beware the 3 bears when you leave your house.
Your chairs may be broken
and mama’s porridge will be frozen.

Beware 3 bears. Is there somebody under this bed,
under that bed. “No this one,” baby bear said.

Beware 3 bears a girl with yellow hair may come.
and eat all your crumbs.


Advice to Foxy 
By Aubrey L.

My little dog stop pooping in my room.
Poop on your pad.
Don’t be bad.

Because when you don’t it makes me really mad.
Then when I yell at you it makes me sad.

So that’s some advice, so don’t poop in my room,
if you want me to be nice.



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2


Tiana, Oh, Tiana (from the Princess and the Frog)
By Taniya A.

Tiana, Tiana is green
and seen.
Tiana, Tiana, you like cooking
and cleaning.
Tiana, Tiana you have a beautiful crown.
Never look down.

Tiana, Tiana you are natural.
and oh so factual.
Tiana, Tiana you are creative
and very contemplative.

Tiana, Tiana, you’re realistic
and futuristic.
Tiana, Tiana, you love dancing
and are always prancing.
Tiana, Tiana you love singing.
Your voice ringing.

Know your name is Tiana, Tiana.


By Amir B.

Sakura you are so mean
Try to act like a queen.

Sukura why are you switching
When you’re better off sicking.

Also why do you use him
like he’s ‘dem.

Stop thinking he’s a fool.
When he’s protecting you.

Stop being mad.
Your making him sad.


Advice To Mulan 
By Autumn W.

Mulan pretended to be a boy.
boys didn’t always bring her joy.

She learned how to fight,
because boys didn’t treat her right.

But she believed.
and honored she achieved.



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 1


Advice to Jughead Jones
By Morgan R. 

Jughead Jughead don’t let them belittle you.
Jughead, Jughead try to stay true.

Take care of Jelly Bean and Betty too
Ignore all the people who are rude to you.

You’re an amazing writer don’t let them take that away.
Your imagination should slay.

Jughead, Jughead don’t play by their rules.
Change the game and make them fools.

Promise me that you will keep on writing.
And don’t let Archie get hurt too bad from fighting.

Jughead, Jughead don’t lose your cool. Keep yourself sane.
Forsythe Pendleton Jones III own up to your name.


My Ninja Way
by Ashton S.

Hey my man you swore you would always win,
the best anime character with the best sins.
When you want to kill just talk, no justa like
showed them with only catching a body.

Think about Ramen or Hinata when you go insane.
Even when you don’t have time for Boruto or Hima.
Just make up for it with time in the villa.
You love and care for everyone like a son
and your journey has just begun.

I know that Kushina and Minato would be proud.
Even your acquaintances at the hidden cloud.
You did it Naruto, you became hotcage even
when they didn’t believe you achieved and
showed them with only catching a body.

Being hard headed you never followed your Sensi Pervy Sage
but then you grew up and made your ninja way.


6th Grader From Another Era
By Amaya B.

Will my rules
Compare to your rules?

You hang with popular kids at school.
Who make you feel so uncool.

Will your rate,
Possibly get you a date?

Will your glasses,
Ever get you any passes.

Are your “friends” gassing up your head,
Just to give you all the dread.

Don’t think about boys,
They’ll treat you like toys.

Your overwhelming mom,
Just might drop the bomb.



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 2


Advice to the Ironheart 
By Mykhi C. 

Tony, Tony don’t sell the weapons
and let them use it for a second.

Tony, don’t be a phony pony
and be cocky.

Help people
and don’t act like Kelo.

Stop going to Randy’s
and be handy.

Sure your death was tragic
but it was not melodramatic.

Now you watch Peter from above
but he knows you love him.


Naruto Don’t Stress, You Will Be Loved At Your Best
By Elijah G.

Naruto, Naruto, Naruto don’t stress
the world will love you went your at your best.

Your sensei will teach you his knowledge.
Take it and you will be acknowledge.

Sasuke will come back to you.
But first he must find out if he’s true.

Sakura always lied.
But Hinata gave you life.

Your dream will become truer.
But you must wait until the future.

Naruto, Naruto, Naruto don’t stress
the world will love you went your at your best.


Artwork by: Ashonti H, Keira L, and Aubrey L



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.