5th and 6th graders can’t stop the feeling

For their sixth week of poetry Shoesmith 5th and 6th graders explored their emotions. They were asked “Why is it important for people to share their feelings?” Students gave amazing responses: to grow and heal, for mental health, to help others dealing with the same emotions, to stop feeling alone. We also discussed the Pixar movie “Inside Out,” where emotions such as Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust have their own thoughts and personalities.

Together we read the poem “Fear,” by 8th grader Alejandra B. from Haugan Elementary. In her poem she describes the emotion of Fear using personification. Personification is when a poet gives human-like qualities to non-human things. “He wears blue striped turtleneck with jeans and has circled glasses/ he always keeps me worried and anxious/ He is a paranoid little person living inside my head.”

Inspired by Alejandra B, students wrote their own poems describing their unique emotions.


Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 1


By Zion N.

Fear is a Thanos looking stick
with a high school uniform
and carrot nose.

Fear is when I watch a the el
ayuwoki gif.

Fear talks to me about Barbie dolls.

Fear comes and plays Ouija board with me.

Mad is a 2 foot James Johnson
with fire as hair.

Mad is me when I see my sibling
eat and drink my stuff.

Mad is with me when my mom
won’t let me drive.

Mad is with me when I drive
past the park.


Josiah’s Emotions
by Josiah R. 

Fear needs someone to bring down in the darkness.
Sadness needs a friend to cheer him up.
Joy likes to have fun at the beach.
Anger wears read to show madness.
Happiness wears a bright yellow headband.
Disgust is no joke when it comes to broccoli.


Lovely Joy
By Misa S.

Joy wears a lot of colors.

Joy treats me nice and kind.

A fun fact about Joy is that she makes
me happy.

Joy always has a smile on her face.

Joy has nice blue hair.
Joy brings happy things to the world.

Joy helps people.



Ms. Yassky’s 5th Grade
Group 2


Adam’s Emotions
By Adam A.

Mad is a dried potato with
googly eyes.

Disgust is a green goblin.

Shy is a puddle with a mouth.

Sneaky is a green snake that
tastes like candy.

Sleepy looks like a sleepy pie
with tired googly eyes.


Jayden’s Emotions
By Jayden C.

Silly comes into the room with
his clown like outfit, jumping.

Happy comes in with a dress as bright
as the sun with a smile so friendly.

Angry comes in with shredded, burnt
clothes and head firing like a volcano.

Chaotic comes in jumping in like a
monkey with a black torn jumpsuit.

Fear comes in hiding behind a garbage
can with a neat outfit.

Sadness comes with a cloud raining,
her outfit is wet and blue.

My crazy emotions go and control me.
Anger surrounds me when I fall.

When my emotions are confused.
They try to work together.


Sadness and Rage
By Kade K.

Sadness is never without. a upside down smile.
Sadness’s skin is blue as a whale.
Sadness does not care about life.
Sadness’s best friend is fear.

Rage is so mad they put him in a cage.
Rage gets you in a place of despair.
Rage gets you so mad you lose your hair.
Rage, you play the blame game and that’s
a shame.



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 1


by Morgan H.

She walks in the room bold as the sun.

Confidence wears a blue shirt with white
pants and blue shoes.

Hair done, nails done, everything done.

She black and she proud.

If u don’t like like her style.
That’s not her problem.

She keeps a smile that lights
up every room.


By Giselle J.A. 

Anger walks into a thunderstorm with all black on.
Anger walks into a room roaring like a lion.
Anger stomps into a gym lifting 50 pound weights.
Anger yells, “Where’s my coffee!”
Anger runs into a sliding door.
Anger is swimming in a lake and drowning.
Anger sleeps in a unstable house.
Anger stomps into school and slam downs books.


Always Something There
By Londyn N. 

Paranoia, she paces the floor with her bug eyes
looking through the widows of my face.

Her and confidence didn’t coincide because
always close my eyes like mace.

Paranoia didn’t want to see the world in
her purple-gray dress.

Even if there was nothing there, Paranoia
was always a mess.

Her motto, “Just because you don’t see it,
doesn’t mean its not there.”

Every where she go, she’d speculate,
stop, and stare.

Even when she crawled in bed at night,
she’d always check the closet.

If there were monsters in the darkness,
no one would be there to stop it.



Ms. Henry’s 6th Grade
Group 2



by Judah F.

Sadness wears the mask of Anger,
but on the inside he is blue.

He doesn’t let go of the past and always
brings regret.

“Why did he do that?” he says when I make
a mistake, even though everyone makes them.

He sits hunched over because he is weighing
himself down.

Although Sadness is always down in the dumps,
I am thankful for him.

For without Sadness I could not use Empathy
to help others when they are sad.


By Aboubacar K.

He wears green shots and a gray shirt to practice.
Constantly misses all his shots.
“Ha Ha, you can’t even make one shot,” Anger says.
“Shut up!” Hate says.

“Bro, why does this rim hate me. It only
hates me.” Hate says. “Everyone can
make their shots. Anger, Happiness,
Sad, and Jealousy. They all make
their shots.”

“This time, Ima take my time,” Hate says.
*Takes his time* *Shoots* *Swish*

“Yes! I finally made it!” Hate says.
“So taking my time is the key to
Success, huh?


Confidence vs. Insecurity
By Zachery S.

Confidence walks into the room with power.

Insecurity walks into the room with their head down.

Confidence wears clothing that is fresh and crisp.

Insecurity wears a hood, covering their head.

Confidence is surrounded by Positivity and good vibes.

Insecurity is lonely without any friends.

Confidence doesn’t care what people think.

Insecurity cares deeply about what others think of them.





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.