4th grader’s powerful personas

For their sixth poetry lesson, Twain 4th graders explored personas. The word persona comes from the Greek word for mask. Actors in ancient Greece wore masks on stage to represent different characters. Poets use personas to take on the voice and point of view of another person or object, imagining the world through someone else’s eyes.

Together we read and discussed the poem “The Unhappy Teacup,” by Adriana T, a former 8th grader from Haugan Elementary. In her poem Adriana creates the voice of a tiny teacup, who is owned by a nice lady who cherishes it yet is still sad about its life. The tea that gets poured on me feels like lava/I’m always put away in the cabinet, it’s like a dungeon.  The teacup doesn’t like being stuck in the dark cabinet, but dreams of seeing the world outside the house.

Inspired by Adriana T’s poem, students created their own personas, voices belonging to various people, places, and things. Please enjoy this week’s poems and artwork.

Ms. Williams 4th Grade
Group 1

by Alvaro B.

Every bright morning, I get turned on.
My keyboard gets touched many times.

You can use a stylus on me to create
beautiful pictures.

My keyboard is a cookie crumb collector.
As the night comes, my battery goes low.

I find info as fast as Sawshark.
Then I sleep like a bear for the night.

I eat energy like a shark.

I am a computer.

By Dave M.

I am black like ink.
I am big as a sandwich.
My smile is like a cute dog.

My wasabi is as green as a frog.
I am black as a shadow,
My eyes are like a cat begging
for food.

The Majestic Fish
by Guy P.

I swim gracefully as a swan.
I shine in the sun as I leap
out the water.

I dodge the nets and hooks
like a shark in the water.

My fins flap like the wings
of an angel.

I am orange, red, and yellow
like a hot summer day.

I am majestic but powerful
like the mighty cheetah.

I am a betta fish.

by Anthony S.

I work at night,
that’s dark as a closet.

I run and skip like a tiger.

I load all the gifts up
as quick as light.

I am as skilled as a lion

I make toys like a robot.

I wear a hat as magical
as stars.

Ms. Hayes 4th Grade
Group 2

By Ariel A.

I am Chicago,
people walk in me.

I have a metal bean which
people take pictures with.

I have my own custom
hot dog and pizza

I have a giant building,
which is the Willis Tower.

I’m the third largest
city in the U.S.

By Isaiah M.

I am funny as a jester.

I am a swordsman.

I am cold as an iceberg.

I am unknown like a password.

The Big Bean
By Mia R. 

I feel famous.

I’m always in the same place
every single day.

But I am happy everyday
because I am always getting
pictures with people and
feeling like a celebrity.

If you touch me, your hand
hand will be hot!

When the sun directs on me
I shine!

If you go inside, it feels cool
as a museum.

Ms. Soldat 4th Grade
Group 3

Luffy’s POV
By Adrian B.

I am a pirate made of rubber with a scar named Luffy.
I’m as pirate that ate a devil fruit named Yum Gum. 

I’m a pirate hat wants to be King of pirates.
I’m a pirate that can transform into different gears.

I’m a pirate that made a crew called The Straw Hat. 

by Levi C. 

My scales are scaly as a fish.
My skin is strong as a log.
My teeth can crush through bone.

I can swim through the water like a fish.
I can hold my breath for one hour.

My tail is as long as a door.

By Logan C. 

My breath is as hot as fire.
My wings are as big as buildings.

I’m scaly like a lizard.
My horns are pointy
like porcupine quills.

My teeth are so big, as big as a bird.
Claws sharp as a saw.

Ms. Carther 4th Grade
Group 4

Sponge Bob 
By Agustin M.

I’m as happy as a joyful dog.

I’m as spongy as a washrag.
I’m as persistent as a determined

I’m as funny as a comedian.
I’m as yellow as coral. 

by Elijah O. 

I am a dog, a Pitbull.

I am trained as a solider

My skin color is black.

I listen to my partner.

I’m as fast as a fox.

I am big and strong.

By Liam W.

I’m fast Toothless the Night Fury.

I purr like a cat.
I’m as big as Hiccup

My eyes are green and yellow,
like trees.

Other 4th grade artwork:



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.