4th Graders Introduce Themselves

When I introduced myself to 4th graders in Mr. Adenuga’s class – telling them that I would be joining them for poetry each week – students responded with some skepticism. Some hoped that we would be painting and drawing, and one student rightly guessed that they would have an opportunity to write poems of their own. I suggested that they might paint and draw….with words. After I read my “I AM’ poem aloud, students shared their favorite LINES. Then they composed their own “I AM” poems by completing the prompts provided. Enjoy! 

Mr. Adenuga
4th Grade


I’m Brown and Loved
by Samantha S.

I am brown and loved
I wonder am I good for God
I hear the water swishing with the wind
I wonder from God
I am brown and loved

I pretend that people who are mean to me are not there
I feel much better with my family
I touch God’s hands
I worry if I will fail
I cry when somebody hits me
I am brown and loved

I understand math and reading
I say I feel I loved with family
I dream to be a grown up
I try to help people when they are hurt
I hope that God will keep us safe
I am brown and loved


Braelyn J.

I am respectful
I wonder that I am brave
I hear my baby sister
I see that God is good
I want to speak to God
I am smart

I pretend to be funny
I feel okay
I touch my baby sister’s face
I worry is that my baby sister crying?
I am brave

I dream about memories
I try to cook food
I hope that my big sister is going to drive
I am playful


by Makyla C.

I am bright and smart
I wonder what my mother thinks of me
I hear Faith calling my name
I see God in my dreams
I want to be successful
I am bright and smart

I pretend to be okay
I feel smart and great
I touch books so I can read them
I worry I won’t get it right the first time
I cry when I don’t get it right
I am bright and smart

I understand how people feel
I say nice words to people
I dream about being a CEO
I try to start again
I hope to become a CEO
I am bright and smart


The Three Brothers
by Deejay, Jermaine, and Coby

We are brothers
We wonder if we are going to stay brothers
We hear the sound of money in pockets and safes
We see animals outside
We want money and cars
We are brothers


I Am Brown and Unique
by Chrystynn J.

I am brown and unique
I wonder what my family thinks about me
I hear God talking to me
I see my great Grandma in my dreams
I want to see my great Grandma one more time
I am brown and unique

I pretend that I’m at home when I’m at school
I feel good when something good happens
I touch my little sister every morning
I cry when I get upset
I am brown and unique

I understand that not everybody likes me
I say when you breathe and count to ten you will calm down
I try to stay calm when people make me mad
I hope that every day will be a good day
I am brown and unique.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.