4th Graders Imagine Worlds of Words

For our 10 and 11th sessions of exploring poetry together, Shoesmith 4th graders were asked to consider their feelings about reading and writing.  We contemplated artwork by Tom Feelings that features images of young people reading.  Then we read Maya Angelou’s poem, “I Love the Look of Words,” particularly enjoying the stanza that says: “When I have stopped reading,/ ideas from the words stay stuck/ in my mind, like the sweet/ smell of butter perfuming my/ fingers long after the popcorn/ is finished.

Ms. Lehner
4th Grade – Room 207

the blue color
Adam A.

Putting ideas into words is like a building that’s filled with blue paint
Reading is like going on an adventure to the big blue ocean
Trying to write a poem is like spilling a bucket of feelings
A book smells like a wide blue world

Words are like  people
Partying and going to the page in groups.


Look at my words
Anthony J.

When I look at my words it looks
like letters that’s been scattered all over the page.
I love to put things together, back in their place
but I need to go get my cat and mat from home
and my check from the bank
I need help
I’m falling into the darkness of words.
I can’t get out the darkness but it’s ok
I will today.
I see them everywhere
I don’t know where to start but at the beginning.
I did not know anything
I was not ready until I saw the light of the words at the end.
I finally get to go back to where my goal is
I will make it to the light that is positive
and will find a way
no matter what I do
I will make it

I’m at the end
I made it
I made it
I made it.


Sanaa F.

I don’t like words.
Words make me feel frustrated and upset.
Like I can’t get it right. But words are what
Got us here today
without words where would we be?
How would we communicate?


4th Grade – Room 208

The Realm of Words and Books
Jayden C.

Words are the domain of creativity
A domain of inspiration
A domain of soul and emotion
And wonder.
Books are the gateway of adventure and ideals
The gateway towards a world unlike any other
The gateway to lives and steps of characters
And its expanded Universe.

Books and words are combined by those of builders
And dreamers.


these things are hard to do
Pretty Liver Washington  (aka Larrion J.)

A book smells like a fresh pair of shoes.
trying to be perfect is like building a planet.
Trying to write is like baking a cake.
Trying to read in a noisey space is like trying to fight a tiger.
Putting ideas in your head is like building a house.
Dreaming is like being in your own universe.
Imagining is like being in your own world.
Trying to write a poem is like trying to read 250 books.
A book tells a story of your own mind.


Books are like Food
Rocky L.

Reading books is like seeing a whole new world
Reading books is like drinking a milkshake of knowledge
Reading books while eating is like having intelligence burst into your mouth



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.