4th Graders Gather Sound!

Have you ever stopped to notice how much sound is going on in the world, all at once?

4th Graders at Shoesmith contemplated thoughtfully the sounds of our world. We talked about favorite sounds and attempted to name sounds that may be hard to locate in a dictionary.  While teachers spoke of enjoying hearing their home coffee makers sputtering and gurgling in the morning, students said that they enjoyed hearing people eating, puppies crying, and ocean waves crashing against the shore – among other things. As you read this sampling of the Sound Poems, try making your own list of sounds:  favorites and all the others!

Ms. Lehner
4th Grade – Room 208

The lively sounds
Kyleigh F.

I hear the soft purr of my phone charging
And I hear the annoying sound of dripping water
And I also hear conversations
It sounds like a free and happy fish jumping up and down in the sea
And it sounds like a painful pop
And then I hear the leaves shouting too
I hear the wind reminding me
I hear the audience clapping cheerfully
I hear the sound of nature
And It sounds beautiful

What do you hear?


what I hear in school
Tavious P.

I hear an intercom
And I hear
other classes
And I also hear
choir students
It sounds like
Lincoln Loud’s house in school
And it sounds like peace when we are in our classroom
And then I hear my teacher’s computer
I hear the doors
I hear desks moving & seats
I hear the whistle to line up
It sounds like its loud but fun.


the day in life time
Ah’lani M.

I hear my dog crying.
And I hear the thunder hitting my house at night
And I also hear me running in grass
It sounds like scratching a pan
And it sounds idk how to explain
I hear the chickens making sounds in morning
I hear the sound of my phone ringing
And it sounds like a bee flying by like vvmmmmbbb
I hear the sound of me eating a crunchy apple
It sounds like me eating chicken


My sounds
Misa S.

I hear my computer keys sounds wanting me to go to sleep
And I hear my dog digging in her food
And I also hear the door open
It sounds like a nice calm sound
And it sounds like a car going vroom vroom
And then I hear the soft rain coming down


4th Grade- Room 207

Adam A.

I hear books
And I hear cleaning
And I also hear work
It sounds like homework
And it sounds like tiredness
And then I hear beeps
I hear trucks and yelling
I hear mad people
I hear mom
It sounds like more work


Azaria A.

I hear Azaria yelling.
And I hear Azaria talking to someone
And I also hear Azaria crying
It sounds like Azaria is mad
And it sounds like Azaria is on her phone
And then I hear Azaria talking on the phone with her friend
I hear Azaria laughing
I hear Azaria talking to the teacher
I hear Azaria playing
It sounds like Azaria is happy.


what I hear
Dion T.

I hear chewing
And I hear walking
And I also hear tv

It sounds like talking
And it sounds like toys
And then I hear my hoverboard (sometimes)
I hear tik tok songs
I hear my friends


Zinanta N.

I hear birds singing
And I hear cars honking their horns
And I also hear bees buzzing in my ear
It sounds like everyone is talking
And it sounds like animals walking
And then I hear running feet
I hear  my dog barking for food
I hear shopping carts rolling/moving
I hear kids jumping on the playground
It sounds like kids hurting/bullying a kid really bad.






“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.