4th graders celebrate with odes!

For the fifth week in our residency, Twain 4th grades explored ode poetry. Odes are poems where the poet praises and celebrates significant people, places, and things. Students were asked “what type of things do they love to celebrate?” Students mentioned birthdays, Valentine’s Day, winning a trophy, going to a gymnastics tournament, getting a new pet, Halloween, Christmas and Veteran’s Day.

Together we read “Ode to Isabella’s Hair,” by Gray Emerson. In his poem Emerson uses alliteration and onomatopoeia to reveal the natural beauty of Isabella’s curls. Alliteration is the repetition of the same consonant sounds in poetic lines which creates rhythm. While onomatopoeia are words that imitate natural sounds.  The Spring! Sprang! Sprung! Of it/ Spun like a starless stretch/Twisting & Twirling/ They’re flourishing. 

Inspired by Emerson, students wrote their own Ode poems celebrating the important people and things in their lives. Please celebrate these fabulous odes and artwork!


Ms. Williams 4th Grade
Group 1


Ode to Things Gael Likes
by Gael M.

The plushie is cute and soft.
It squeaks and hugs.

Books are hard and entertaining.
Books flap and soar

Computers are fun.
Computers go bleep blop.


Family Ode
By Ezequiel G.

My brother goes POW! POP!
when he smacks me.

My dad goes POW! POP!
when he hammers the nail in.

My dog barks and zooms
all the time.

My sister sings
all the time.



Ms. Hayes 4th Grade
Group 2



Pet Ode
By Bradley L.

My cat is pretty and nice.
My cat hisses at my fish.

My Guinea pig is polite.
My Guinea pig squeaks
when its hungry or hurt.

My dog is gorgeous.
My dog barks at my hamster.

My sand is fun and satisfying.
The bird squeaks when its
in danger.


The Birthday Party Ode
By Kevin M.

The people arriving


My birthday is when I feel happy the most.

The presents, the people, the cake   


I love the presents.
I love the cake.
And the people are so nice.

Punk! (the present fell)


Ode to “The Boys”
By Martin R. 

Jax, he’s mean and kicks and punches. KICK! POW!

Freddy is evil and deadly. SNAP! SPLAT!

Bendy is evil and mean. POW! WOOSH!


Ms. Soldat 4th Grade
Group 3


Ode: Winter Break Celebration
by Giovanni C. 

Our family celebrates winter break
by going on a vacation.

We pack our stuff in out suitcases.

We wait til the airplane flies

Then we go to my uncle’s house.
My uncle’s house looks gorgeous,
great, and good.

On Christmas we put comfy clothes on
and at 12:00am we open our presents.

After that we wake up and say goodbye
and safely go home.


Ode to My Little Sister (to Luna)
By Julian G. 

When I say these words about my sister,
I mean them.

My baby sister will be the favorite and famous
to me.

I will make her giggle and I will be with her
and always be on her side and we can do
anything with her.

If she would want me to do something for her,
I would do it for her.

She is my favorite, and I will never
stop loving her.


Ode to the rancho
By Sofia M.

Ohhh…. the feeling of it!
The feeling of the rancho.

The horses are mysterious
and mythical.



The chickens are funny
and fluffy.


The cows are big and


The ducks are small and




Ms. Carther 4th Grade
Group 4


Ode to Strawberries 
By Neveah A.

Red and ready to eat!

Strawberry melts and its
magical in my mouth.
It pops in my mouth.

When I blend the blender
up to make a smoothie

CHOP! Strawberries.
When you chop,
it sounds like a KNOCK!

You can BURP a strawberry
when you eat it.



My Dog Snoopy
by Savannah H. 

My dog is funny and fluffy.

My dog is cute and cuddly.

BARK! BARK! My dog always screams
when I come in.

My dog is a sleep head.

My dog is always hungry and starving.

My dog is adorable and amazing.

My dog is short and small.

My dog growls when he is grumpy.



Ode to Andrew
By Andrew H.

I have a cat, it is fluffy.
My cat PURRRS like crazy.

My brother is cool,
funny, and fearless

My sister is cuddly
and crazy.

I am smart and sneaky.
I ZOOM on my bike.
I SMACK on Takis.
I got HUSHED at the library. 











“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.