4th Grade Worlds of Color

After considering and writing about the meaning of blackness, Shoesmith 4th graders turned their attention to the blues. Beginning on March 11 they opened their eyes and hearts to more colors, and possible similes and metaphors to describe them. After reading the poem, “What is Brown?” by Mary O’Neill, students brainstormed about colors by using the five senses. On March 18, students began writing color poems. Enjoy!

Ms. Lehner
1st group – 4th Grade

When I think of green
Kyrie W.

I can see green bushes, leaves, and plants.
leaves rattle like the wind
I can hear leaves shaking and
bushes shaking.
I can smell mint, green lollipops
And a green air head.

I can taste fresh vegetables,
a green apple,
green gum.  I can touch leaves
bushes, grass, green play doe
an Emerald in Minecraft
and a 4-leaf clover.


White Clouds
Zahir. S.

I am waking up on a bench. Looking up
at the clouds I get up with the
sound of shuffling snow. With a taste
of sugar in my mouth and white like
calm, so being alive is great like
touching snow or floating in a
lake. I love seeing the days fly
and the clouds above the
sunrise and white shooting stars.


The Pink
Desiree E.

The pink is cute as day.
I smell pink like raspberry air freshener
pink is like tasting  bubblegum and
pink lollipops in the store.
pink is like the store PINK.
Pink is like that love
that you have inside. It
can be something that you have and just can’t
let it go. It can be
your love for your family.
It can be you.  I can
smell cotton candy.

2nd group – 4th grade

Jahlil W.

Brown is
dirt, hard to mush up
or slime that stays on hands
brown is the quiet
and the smell of cookies
and the feeling of
being shocked


Rainy Day Blue
Leelah H.

When I think of a rainy blue day I think
….waterfall scented candles, fresh
minty toothpaste. The sound of
crushing waves, and rain. Raining when there is
silence when eating

I feel calm or sometimes
sad I feel relaxed and soothed
sometimes happy or in a good mood.

I taste soup, crackers, cheese
french fries, soft drinks, salmon,
lemonade, milk, water.

Connections I have to rainy blue days
I relate to rainy days and
I sometimes feel blue but on
a rainy day I know just what to do.


Color Poem
Mason F.

When I think of the
color turquoise I think of
underwater. I see
the sight of the lagoon
and all its wondeful
creatures. I hear the sound
of whales humming
and bubbles popping. I smell
fresh water and fish
I taste the glamorous taste
of J.J.’s restaurant fish. I touch
the wet scales of sea
creatures and the water of
the lagoon. When I think
of turquoise I feel calm and


Feelings of Purple
Journie C.

Purple is the feeling of curiosity when a mystery comes on
when you feel scared watching a movie. I smell the
lavender in the house, the taste of gum.

Purple is the feeling of a mermaid tail
a smell of cookies that mom cooks in the kitchen
the sound of a yell in the outside world
inside you.

Purple is the feeling when you taste a plum or grape
the sight of amethyst when you go into a cave
when you see a good friend again in a while

Purple is the color of a wonderful world around
us and phone cases are here and lunch boxes
and so much more






“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.