4th grade Weather Report

For their 8th week Twain 4th graders experienced the changing weather through poetry. Students were asked what their favorite and least favorite seasons are. The majority of students loved Fall because of Halloween, the colorful leaves, and the temperature being not to hot and not too cold. Summer got the least likes due to the extreme heat.

Together we read “Frost,” by Valerie Bloom, who despite having a last name connected to Spring, she writes about the winter season. She uses couplets, pairs of lines in a poem that rhyme to describe the magical way the weather changes overnight.  A giant spilt sugar on the ground/ He spilt it in the hedgerows, and the trees without a sound. In the poem frost is compared to sugar that makes the world sweet.

Inspired by Bloom, 4th graders wrote poems that describe the different types of weather: rain, fog, snow, in silly, strange, and fantastical ways.

So, readers make sure to watch to the weather forecast, so you can experience these weather poems and artwork.


Ms. Williams 4th Grade
Group 1


Sonic Weather
by Mateo S.

Sonic spun in circles all around,
and caused a tornado on the town.

Sonic ran as fast as lightening in a ball,
in the school hall.

Sonic makes the sky go all gray,
He causes chaos with emeralds all day.

The emeralds caused the ocean to spilt
in half.



Ms. Hayes 4th Grade
Group 2


Weather Poem
By Bryan B.

I saw Thor
and he made it storm.

I saw a dragon and the dragon
made it hot.

I saw a witch and she made a band.

I saw Aqua man and he made it rain.


Silly Rhymes
By Martin G.

A duck
had a nice truck.

A dog
took a walk.

A witch
had grown an inch

A flower
has the power.




Ms. Soldat 4th Grade
Group 3


Shaking Weather
By Sebastian A.

His laugh made the earth shake.
His cry made a lake

The sound of the heart beating is
making me scared.

The blizzard made me shake.

He blew his nose so hard it
shook the earth.



Ms. Carther 4th Grade
Group 4


By Dimas A.

C.J. from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas jumped,
and blew up a tree stump.

Tommy Vercity From GTA Vice City,
jumped and exploded the who city.

Michael from GTA V.
jumped and caused it
to rain fire.

The Cratator from GTA the Trilogy,
jumped and caused it to snow,
and blew up the snow.



Snow Poem
By Alexandra M.

The icy dragon coughed so hard,
it started raining snow.

The snowflake was so cold,
it froze.

The rabbit was cold in the snow.
It was so snowy to the point,
it started storming.

It was so windy, so it started snowing,
She was so cold, when she sneezed,
it started to get sleek.






“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.