4th Grade Comparisons and Pajamas!

For my 3rd visit with 4th Graders at Shoesmith, it was Pajama Day! You could see students and teachers and staff walking in hallways and classrooms wearing onesies and pj’s and sleeping bonnets – fun! Some even wore red and green holiday-themed pajamas, and, I even spied Ms. H. wearing dolphin house slippers!🐬🐬 Too bad I neglected to take pictures of the Jammy Jam!

This week the theme for our poems was pajamas and things related to pajamas.  So, we spent time brainstorming comparisons, and lists of pajama-related things before writing original poems. Enjoy, and happy Holidays!

Ms. Lehner
4th Grade 

Hayden H.

When it is Sniffmas
Dogs wear pajamas
on Christmas.


A Comparison Poem
Rashaun T.

Pajamas are comfy and cozy like
covers, covers are warm like popcorn
by a fire, fire is hot like a
summer evening, summer is hot
like a rocket ship’s jet engine
a jet engine floats in space
like an astronaut, the astronaut
travels to the moon like a
meteor crashing into it, a meteor
flies fast like a jet, a jet
goes fast like a race car, a
race car won the race on
a warm, nice and very fun
Christmas night.


The Goodnight Byes
Desiree F.

PJs are just like a fluffy cloud in the sky.
They can be soft.  They can be silk, fluffy, it
can be any fabric.  Watching movies in
your pjs helps falling asleep like being by
a fireplace or in your room or
with the fan in your face.


Harmony H.

Sprinkled donuts are like glitter,
sprinkled donuts are like being in
heaven and they are so good that I would
give away a bunch of money
to get some donuts.  donuts are like
circles, just with a hole. donuts
are the best when wearing pajamas.
you are comfy and eating the best thing
ever at the same time


The Men In Pajamas
Jamayle H.

The men in pajamas are like
books, they go undercover. They
hide but they give out pride
then ride around town. They
will never be found
because they live underground
but when it’s time to
go back under they know the
next day will be more funner.
When they know it’s time to
go back out they pick the
best route. they never
go bad or mad or sad because
they will never be bad but
they will be glad to be
good and they will
always be understood.

Group 2 – 4th Grade

Elizabeth G.

Pajamas are comfy like my blankets
Pajamas are warm and cozy.
Pajamas make me feel like I am a fluffy
Pajamas are like warm blankets.
Pajamas make me wanna build a fort.
Pajamas make me want to watch a movie.


My World!
Skylar S.

My bed is my world.  It is so high I can
say I am the queen of the world and like
my pjs, they are soft, nice, and warm,
like a fireplace. my bed is high like a
draft.  I love my bed and pjs.  I am going
to get more for X-mas.  I’m going to ask, now!


Pajamas Make My Night!
Minahil A.

Pajamas make me feel like
I am a s’more.  the top
is the top cracker and the
bottom another cracker and me, the marshmallow.
My Pajamas are cozy to help
me go to sleep.
My pajamas make me think
I am dreaming because I
feel like I am the most
coziest person in the world.
My pajamas make me think







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.