3rd Graders Respond to the Question: What Do You Dream?

For our 4th sessions together, Twain 3rd graders considered the nature of waking and sleeping dreams: dreams as hopes, and scary dreams to file under the heading: nightmares!🙀 We discussed the benefits and downsides of daydreaming.  For some students, it was their first time being asked the question what do you dream?

Ms. Lee
3rd Grade

Angelina A.

I dream of guinea pigs
they are chubby
I dream of my grandpa
he passed away
he sings to me in Spanish
te amo hija.
I dream of my Uncle Victor
half of his body is paralyzed
I miss him

Emily C.

I dream that I have everything
I dream one day to be a famous singer
I dream to succeed at anything
I dream and believe I will succeed
I dream of my mom, sweet heart
I dream I am eating a delicious orange
I dream of me playing in the park
I dream of me playing in the snow
I dream of a lavender tree
I dream of the beautiful sky


Niko D.

I dream that I am a lion king
it is in my last name
I dream that I am on Mars
   with aliens and fire
I dream I am in the solar system
it feels cold
I see stars
I see Pluto


Leia V.

I dream of my Aunt because she passed away
in my dream she tells me “Everything is going to be okay”

When I go to sleep my aunt is sleeping next to me
I love her so much I want her with me all the time
She was so nice  I did not spend enough time with her
I love her
I try my best for her and I help a lot of people

Mrs. Murphy
3rd Grade

Julian D.

I dream to get a parrot
because my other birds 
passed away
I haven’t seen them
for more than a year
I miss my birds
they were canaries, singing birds

I might name my parrot Black Knight.


Sami M.

I dream that I had superpowers
so I can be strong and
save people and I can save
the city and I can protect my
family and I can stop bad things.


Isabella Z.

I dream that I will be the best girl soccer player
I dream that my room is a new world
I dream that my clothes are made out of
I dream I am an undercover spy
I dream I can travel the world

Angelique S.

I dream that I’m in a dark room
I dream that I’m lost
I dream that one day I go to Japan
I dream that I’m older
I dream that I don’t have brothers
I dream that I see someone but they are not there
I dream that’s I’m small
I dream that I’m a ghost
I dream that I will go to Disneyland


Benjamin B.

I am a mouse
I am small in my dream
someone is chasing me
I like cheese so much
I fell down the stairs
I felt like I could eat the moon
I got eaten by a cat

Ms. Isaacs
3rd Grade

Kyze T.

I dream of being a famous volleyball player
I dreamed of being separated from my family
I dreamed that I was in a black room that was moving
I dream of world peace
I dream that I had all the Sanrio stuff in the world
I dream that I have 999 quatrillion dollars


Daniel K.

I dream I’m getting a pet lion
that I find in the pet store
I like lions alot
because I like the movie “Lion King”

I dream of getting chased by a T-Rex
and that the floor starts to fall down
and I run as fast as I can so I don’t get caught
and I run away from the T-Rex

Mrs. Lamas
3rd Grade

Jayleen O.

If my dream of having a little sister came true
I would take care of her
and play with her
I would sleep with her
I hope she would think I am the best sister
It would make me feel proud



yo sueño que soy veloz
yo sueño jugar en la nieve


 Diego R.

yo sueño que soy un pez
yo sueño que tengo poderes magicos
yo sueño que soy una pizza extra queso
yo sueño que soy un jugador de fc24 FIFA player
yo sueño que vivo en las nubes
yo sueño que soy una águila

Joselyn P.

I dream thatI have a cat or bunny
If the cat was black I would name it
The bunny I would name Whiskers

I dream that I smell pretty flowers
The flowers are pink 
some are white
I dream that I had a bunch of puppies


Arantza P.

I dream that it will snow a lot this year
I dream that every day I get $100
I dream that I’m playing with my dog during recess
I dream that I know how to play the guitar
I dream that I will be a great teacher
I dream I get 20 wishes every week





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.