3rd Grade Inventions

It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway thru our poetry residency! For our fifth sessions together, Twain 3rd graders discussed thinking “out-of-the-box:” being inventive, using our imaginations, and the pictures that come into our minds when we read or hear certain phrases. In this “Swan of Bees” lesson, students tried to come up with their own “out-of-the-box” ideas to make their classmates stop and stare off into space with their mouths open. Some made us laugh, some made us gasp, and some made us ooooo and aahhhh with delight!

Ms. Issacs
3rd Grade

Kyle T.

I hope to see:
A flower made of sharpeners
A bowl of capybaras
A pocket full of alive fish
A hand made of lava
A water bottle of flags
I necklace of books
A chair of pencils
A pond of lava
A sea of ice cream
A pool of cinnamon rolls


Roman R.

Have you ever wondered 
about a world of trampolines?
in this poem anything is possible
water bottles full of cats and even a pen
made of water
if you think that is crazy
there is a pool made of cheese!


Ms. Lamas
3rd Grade

Things I would want
by Lily A.

A drawing made up of fruit
A planet full of art
A marker made from gum
A sun full of color
A dog that is a rainbow
A tree full of candy
A flower that would talk to me
A house full of color and candy
A friendly ghost to play with
A hat full of roses
A pet that could fly
A pet that I ride on


Someday I hope to see
by Mateo S.

A TV made out of taffy apples
A tree made out of homework
A book made out of pizza
A PS5 made out of chocolate
A flag made out of chromebooks
A shoe made out of paper
A leg made out of awards
A phone made out of timelines
A binder made out of beans
A folder made out of an arm
A hotdog made out of a clipboard
A vent made out of a tree
A leg made out of a pie
A name tag made out of bald eagles
I car made out of a desk
A pup made out of paper

A list of imaginary things
Mateo V.

A taco planet
A pumpkin made of drawings
A person made of food
A restaurant made of books
A Pokemon ball made of snow


Ms. Lee
3rd Grade

Delyla L.

I wish there was
a floor made out of syrup
because I like syrup
it could stick stuff
to the floor
except humans
and I’m sorry to
the people who hate syrup
but I like it
so all in all
I wish there was
a floor made out of syrup


Luis O.

I looked up and I saw a Godzilla made of
his name is McZilla and his
atomic breath shoots French fries and you
can eat him but it would take a lot of time
because he’s the size of a building
like a sky scraper


A World of Hope and Love
by Angelina A.

Can you believe
I went up to space by rocket?
space was purple, pink, and blue
when I looked out of the window
I saw the world
but it looked different
it was shaped like a heart
I could imagine all of the people
being kind
this made me feel warm inside
like hope and love


One day I hope I see
by Isaly R.

One day I hope to see
A bed made of rice
A person of flies
A bottle of pigs
A car full of Hershey milk chocolate bars
A pencil box full of socks
A person half clown, half dress
I whole store full of jordans
A school full of pigs
A card full of ears as money
A body full of glasses

Mrs. Murphy
3rd Grade


Samantha M.

A bed full of pizza pie
A school full of love
A house full of monkeys
A room full of paper airplanes
A moon full of candy
A tree full of money
An eagle who can talk
A hundred people in one house
A rain shower of gold, money, and gems

Angel V.

A clock full of candy
Jewelry made out of magic
A bed made out of eyes
A table made out of paper
A water bottle made out of magic
A tablet made out of candy
A shower made out of gold and diamonds
A paper desk made out of magic

Leslie O.

A snowflake and a water drop made of spirits
A sunset of ramen
A classroom of rhino beetles
A pie of pumpkin spice
A house pet that can speak Chinese
A water bottle that can move on its own
A moon made of dumplings
A person made of spiders





“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.