Till the End & Other Letter Poems

This week, we read Kobe Bryant’s poem called “Dear Basketball” and learned all about epistolary poems, or letter poems. We talked about tone, learned that it meant the mood conveyed by the poet with certain words and literary devices, and talked about how Kobe Bryant’s tone changed in his poem. We then wrote our own epistolary poems to people, pets, and even random objects! From funny to serious to endearing, read the letters below.

Mr. Goldner’s Classroom

PS5 (Cheat)

by Sophie N

Dear Bob

I feel so happy to have Bob as my BFF

He has a lot of games and other stuff

He has a TV of course I can’t keep

my eyes off him.

But when it’s time for him to turn

off and talk to the TV

I feel sad and mad because he is

mine forever I played with him first

he was born not the TV


I’m not happy so I went with Xbox

how does it feel now

not being loved by me

You get stuck you stop working sometimes

That’s the story of how my PS5 CHEATED ON ME.

Love, Sophie N.


By Zoey J.

Dear Max,

You are so cute

and you are special

I remember when

you were furry

but now you are bald

I see you smiling

at the park.

Love, Zoey

My Cat Leo

by Bitou

Dear My Cat Leo,

I hope you can’t read this but

can you please be nice and not chase mice

don’t roll the dice on me or eat ice or mice.

Leo, don’t be a skinwalker and be nice

to your cat walker

is that a marker or wires!… My cat Leo

is probably a skinwalker but I’m proud

that he is some kind of walker.

After a few months he can stand on two legs

It is a little late for pets

my cat is ummmmm the best cat ever ya!

Love, Bitou

P.S. I know you are a skinwalker.

Till the End

By Swyft B.

Dear Rashel and Angie,

I’m very sad you’re leaving next year.

You guys always understood how I was feeling.

Also, you always made me happy and made me laugh

even if I was sad. I will miss you guys every day and

every night. I hope there will be a way for us

to communicate with each other. I will still be

sad because over the phone is not the same

as in person. I hope we will still be BFFs

till the very end.

Love you,

Swyft B.

Chance and Nirobi

By Alex M.

Dear Chance and Nirobi,

I love you deeply

You pretty much protected me from everything

When you fought

I would make it stop

We can’t thank you more

You’ve done so much

I have a new dog named ZuZu

We love her unconditionally but we give the same

amount of love we gave to you.

How you’re in heaven

I can’t wait to see you again

Love, Alex

I will miss them

by Londyn C.

Dear cheer coaches,

Y’all make me so mad.

I’m tired of doing the same thing

over and over again

y’all use the same tumblers

every year and expect something new

You tell us we look bad

and tell us that we will get

no where in cheer/life and

they make me wanna change teams

but I don’t because I don’t wanna

leave my friends but it’s about time I leave

I will miss all the good memories with them

and my coaches but it’s always better to

have a fresh start.

Love, Londyn

Beautiful Sister

by Nehaeh

Dear Aaliyah,

You are my big sister. You make

me feel so safe and happy. You

are so pretty and some day I want

to be like you. You inspire me and

make things a lot easier for me.

I love spending time with you

but sometimes I can’t because

you are away at college and work.

I hope one day we can live together

again and see each other every day.

From day one, I knew you were going

to be my best friend.

Love you always,


Poem for Friends

by Juan M.

To puedes aser lo ave quiras can two amigos

Y con ellas puedes jugar y te hacen reir

Y yo nonia e tenido on amigola tan chistosa

Y tan local y con ellas puede estadiar

chismiar y siemore tiene chisme y

es chismoso y me regala cosas a me

da de so lonche.


You can do what you want with two friends

And you can play with them and they make you laugh

And I didn’t have such a funny friend

And so local and with them you can stay with

the gossip and always have gossip and

He gives me things, gives his lunch.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.