‘people calm as an empty hospital’: Simile Poems

Students talked about similes before reading Mike Taylor’s poem filled with the same! Here is some of the writing that resulted from that exercise!

Lesson Note: “Writers don’t need tricks or gimmicks or even necessarily need to be the smartest fellows on the block. At the risk of appearing foolish, a writer sometimes needs to be able just to stand and gape at this or that thing – a sunset or an old shoe – in absolute and simple amazement.”– Raymond Carver, Fires: Essays, Poems, Stories

Mrs. McClain, 7th Grade

My Friends Are As Pretty As…

by Kendall D.

My friends are pretty as

water as clear as the sky

the sun bright as the stars

the waves that crash on the beach that sound like summer

my friends as pretty as

A brand new water bottle

A new coat…

My friends are as pretty as

they can possibly be because

they are the prettiest that

can be.

Snowy Day

by Miles F.

I think of winter for so


from the outside as cold as ice

people calm as an empty hospital

the kids as fun as a toy

outside as cozy as a crutch.

How I feel is amazing as

there is so much peace

quiet and more.

Mrs. Mcclain, 8th Grade


by Watson C.

I’m thinking about you like an animal thinks about food

like Earth thinks about the sun

like fish think about water

like a road thinks about cars

like a roof thinks about bricks

I think about you like a poor man thinks about a paycheck

like a desert wants water

like a dog wants a bone

like a prisoner wants freedom

like a rocket wants to shoot off into the sky

The Man Who Are You?

by Benjamin C.

the man


like the fog

he eats

an apple


like a fire

his tie


the Mariana Trench

from his


he pulls

a watch


as the sun


a mirror


as the sea

he weeps

like the coldest



he wipes

his eyes

on a

handkerchief as


as a

fall feast

like a machine

he moves

Doves peaceful

as a soft


with his feet

as he goes

like a circus

Mrs. McClain, 8th Grade


by Lucy F.

You’re pretty like a flower

gentle as wind

Your eyes deep like an ocean

yet warm as the sun

You’re pretty like leaves in autumn

eyes bright like the hot summer sky

you’re as graceful as a swan

as sweet as sugar

You’re pretty like diamonds, emeralds and gold

You’re smell is nice as vanilla

hair soft as silk

and all these are pretty like you.

Simile Poem

by Jayleen P.

I’m thinking about you

as I do a test

I’m thinking about you

like the sun in the sky

I’m thinking about you

like I’ve never seen you

My head spinning like

a storm, my hands

shaking as I think of you

Mrs. MClain, 7th Grade


by Estrella K.


I’m thinking about you

as cows think about grass.

I’m thinking about you

like bakers think about


I’m thinking about you

like dogs think about

their owners

Or how my love for you is


A cup of juice might seem


But it is much more than that.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.