2020 Vision @ Peterson Elementary 6th Grade

This week at Peterson Elementary, we are welcoming the year 2020 with a  positive outlook. Students discussed their New Year’s resolutions which includes eating healthy, learning a new language, traveling, and getting better grades. For poetry, many students wanted to change their messy handwriting and spelling habits, improve the organization of lines and stanzas; while becoming more creative by thinking outside of their comfort zones, to get fresh  ideas.

This was our very first sharing day, where students gave their past poems from 2019 a complete makeover, through peer feedback and self-editing. Poems were then read out loud, sparkling with revised sensory details, figurative language, and imagery. Below are students’ poems published for this week. There is also a photo of Ms. Bell’s beautiful poetry board, with featured poems from every session of the residency so far. It keeps growing just like these great young poets. Enjoy.



                                             Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                          Group 1


Passing Through California
Camila M.

It’s very hot. We are like the popsicle melting
on the floor. Disneyland is filled with people.
The huge castle is shining in the sun.

People in Hollywood are clicking their cameras,
taking pics with the statues of celebrities. The
palm trees are dancing in the background.

Youtubers make videos of themselves doing pranks
on people, then give them the iPhone eleven.

The sun and clouds make me feel joyful and also
make other people feel joyful too. California is
an awesome place to be.


The Recipe for Naruto
Jacob M.

1 cup of friendship from Sasuke.
20 quarts of Jinjudici from the nine tailed fox.
2 bags of the hidden leaf village from the third

Now there is a powerful ninja from the leaf village.
But he needs some Ninjunso. 3 cups of shadow
clones from the Uruka Sensei. 10 gallons of
Rasengan from Master Jiriyah.

Now we have 50 cups of Uzumaki from Minato.
and 20 cups of bonding from Baruto. This right
here is the recipe that will save us from Kabuto
and Orochimadu.

No matter how many times he gets hit, he will
always get back up. He will even get Sasuke back.
And his name is Naruto.


Michael Jordon
Adin S.

Bald head shaped like an oval.
He is muscular and wears a
red Bull’s Jersey.

He has an earthy smell. Men’s
cologne, sweat, and maybe dirt
from his shoes.

Ball dribbling on the ground, feet
squeaking and pounding from shoes
talking to the referee about a foul.

He is tall like the ceiling. 6.6 ft. long
from wingspan to hard ball.

He can jump higher than the hoop.
Jordan’s shoes are made from grip,
to stay on the ground.

You can hear fans from top to bottom
cheering, eating, and yelling.

Michael Jordan’s Jersey is hung
on the ceiling to remember his

You can see Michael Jordan’s hand
grip the ball and just dunk it down
the hoop.



                                            Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                         Group 2


Water Poetry
Brandon A.

I’m swimming in a pool full of poetry.
Every inch of the pool is covered in words.
The water is cool. Life and death are on the
line. My mind and body are frozen.

The floor of the pool has mold. I hope
I don’t get sick; I keep hearing the clock
tick. I think I’m almost out of time. My
mind is going crazy, please come and
save me.

I think I’m in a maze. On this page I
think I won’t make it. People might
say I am faking it. But I’m not. Time’s
up, good night.


Feeling Poetry
Jaycen B.

Laying on the hay,
not feeling negative today.
Ooooh…. the way
I’m blinded by poetry.
I feel poetry through the rain.
I even feel in my brain.
As I think about poetry
my energy starts to rise.
Poetry is very sweet. Its like
singing to this sick beat.
I love it, I really do,
I feel poetry.


The Park That Has a Waterfall
David V.

A scared snake wiggles in the water,
trying to get away from the havoc.
Some people are running, others
clueless. After a while everyone forgets
about the snake and tends to their own
needs. The waterfall is very tall, a lot
of dirty water, soaring off. Nothing in
sight other than nature and humans.



                                              Ms. Bell’s 6th Grade
                                                          Group 3


Australia, the Home of Unique Animals
Benart B.

Koalas and sloths, sleeping slowly and slick.
Birds chirping in beauty. Kangaroos jumping
through the desert.

Trees fixing their hair. The sun smiling
down upon the trees. Shining glory.

Strong claws griping on the tree so tightly.
Geckos hidden throughout the forest.
Every leaf that falls, restarts a life.


Morning in the Forest
Lisa K.

Trees feeling the nice cool breeze.
Flowers bloom like monarch butterflies.
Crickets say, “Good Morning,” to the
bright world.

Squirrels take a morning walk.
Birds sing their morning song to
brighten up your day. While bears
wake up from their peaceful sleep.


Movements in Mongolia
Uuganbayar U.

The dogs barking outside for danger.
Outside is a place that is slowly moving.
Animals of all kind looking shocked, by
horrifying news that they didn’t believe.
Certain places have been moved by the
ground. But either way, there are no
earthquakes near. A bright day has been
turned upside down. Where everybody
stood there wondering why. You stare
at the ground where your heart beats.
Where the horrifying news is moving by.




“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.