2 Morrow

For their eighteenth virtual lesson Haugan 8th graders explored poetry about the future. First students discussed issues in our world today such as the COVID 19 virus, Global Warming, pollution, hate crimes, and gun violence. But they also discussed what they looked forward to in the future such as the end of the pandemic, going to high school, spending time with family and friends, and summer vacation.

Together we read the poem “2 Morrow,” by the late rapper and poet Tupac Shakur. Although his poem was written between 1989-1990, it reflects some of the same problems still occurring today, thirty years later. Today is filled with anger/fueled with hidden hate/ scared of being outcast/ afraid of common fate. Tupac himself dealt with gang and racial violence throughout his teens and adulthood, which cut his life way too short. Yet his lasting words give his readers hope for a better tomorrow. But 2morrow I c change/ a chance 2 build a new/ Built on spirit intent of Heart/and ideals based on truth.

Inspired by Tupac Shakur, students wrote poems about the possibilities they see for tomorrow.



Ms. Thomas 8th Grade
Group 1


Tomorrow Poem
By: Caroline C.

Today and tomorrow is never promised
A day is just a day to admire
Beyond and above I will try my hardest
Capturing every human mistake
Betraying any negative comment of myself
I am me and only me
I can do it and refuse to say I can’t
Giving up is an option for today and tomorrow
But with my pleasure and honesty
I choose not to Life is meant to live and learn from it
Today may be a good or bad day
Tomorrow is to express from today
I have a moral strength in me
Listening to those small voices in my head
I listen and ignore them every time
Because I know my soul is my motivation
My vessel to my joy filled with good intentions
So I stay strong and never regret


By Demetrius M.

2day is sad and gloomy
The pandemic brought despair and loneliness
2morrow will be filled with happiness and joy
The pandemic will be over and everyone will be happy.
2day we just have to wait until we reach 2morrow
But for now we have to sit until these days are over
2morrow will be happy days and 2morrow is the day
We will wait for.


By Arizbel R.

Today seems more quiet and silent
Rain dripping as tears and sorrow
Moon looking dark as ever
Will I see it the same tomorrow?
Today seems bit louder and happier
Sunny and bright as ever
Today was bright as ever


By Kimberly G. 

Today is filled with hope
Today’s filled with happiness
Today we fight
Today we stand
Today we laugh
Today were strong
Today we are unstoppable
Today we are invincible
Today we are powerful
Today we say the Truth
Today we make history
Tomorrow we rest
Tomorrow our work is done
Tomorrow we cry
Tomorrow we bleed Tomorrow well Head
Tomorrow we heal
Tomorrow we do whatever

Tomorrow we don’t worry
Tomorrow is another day
Tomorrow we keep shut
Tomorrow history ends
Let’s hope tomorrow comes Never



Ms. Thomas 8th Grade
Group 2


By: Natalie B.

Today the world seems full of rage.
But I know there will be a better tomorrow.
I hope there is a chance of a new change.
As any abnormal day, accuse and abuse takes place in the daily news
One that we can all bond better than before.

Where aggression is addicting to those who have a harsh day to blame
All for the best and blessed time.
Where we all chase down our dreams to hope a change on our future.
Tomorrow will be the boldest and bravest of us, just watch us 2morrow.

As every moment arranges, anger outrages.
But tomorrow we will all blast out of bravery and show why we were brought here.
I will choose my future and prove what I’m confident and capable of.
But tomorrow, it will be the time that we will bloom brighter and better than before.

As the gloomy annoyance and ignorance surrounds in the clouds.
I’m proud to once again say, tomorrow will be a better day with bold and positive persuasive thoughts.

Were we are all apart of this reality we call home, and it’s our time to take and chase those chances before they run point.

Tomorrow will be a better tomorrow filled with bliss.


By Cindy H.

today I was lost
I sometimes wonder
Will I hear a different Melody?
one day will I surrender?

ringing in my ears
Silence, will it change?
I am far away from the sound
It’s so faint, I’ll give my soul for an exchange…

today temptation is knocking at my door
I know the day will come
It’ll smile and gladly hand me the sound
so until it arrives I must not succumb

tomorrow or the next
can be the day when I can hear the sound
many tomorrows may follow
but one day you’ll come around

tomorrow I will await
you will be my life
and I will be yours…
even in the afterlife


By: Ingrid H.

Today my hopes and dreams
Will never seem
Far away
From the highway….

Tomorrow I want success…
To be a doctor and save lives-
To possess

The power of strives…

But even then-
It takes time…
With my fountain pen
At the start and prime…



By John Q

What’s there planned for me Tomorrow
Is it anything different from today
Will it be just as boring as the day before
Or will it bring something different to portray

What will there be in the near future
Will it be filled with success and happiness
Maybe it would be as good as all the other days
Or could it be a future filled with failure and laziness

Who knows what tomorrow will bring me
I just hope it’s anything but fear
I wish for a happy future
I also wish for a good career



Ms. Thomas 8th Grade 
Group 3

My plans 2Marrow
By Darlin A.

Today it was sad and depressing
All the trees and plants are down, all day overwhelming
All-day in the corner with your phone in the bed
All she said….
Is it will be okay, I am afraid…
But there is always tomorrow to upgrade

Tomorrow will be a new day
We will dance and play
Who they say
My friends, I say, all day…

We will celebrate
I will get my self together and communicate
We will get our favorite food and gain weight
Until we get stuffed and puffed away


2 Day and 2 Morrow
By Michael B.

Today there is racism
There is hated throughout the air
Dreaming to make a change
Flowing towards us big airplane
Leaving the negativity ignoring people
Being positive

2day there is climate change
Animals being Murdered
Leaving us for the future generation
Murdering people in Mustard

Breathing souls
Leaving the negativity ignoring people
Being positive

Tomorrow will be a new day
We will change
We will make the other people change
Changing the range
Leaving the negativity of people

2morrow we will make negativity leave
We will make the animals stay alive
We will make the souls coming towards us
Leaving by driving


Just the same
By Andrea M.

Right now I’m filled with anger because of so much hate
Thinking good about everyone while everybody is just fake.
Tomorrow is just gonna be the same,
Nothing ever changed .

Sitting here watching everyone talk so much stuff
Makes me wanna hate
But tomorrow will be a better day.

At night I cry till I feel okay
Because you know no one stays
Everyone promises and never take their word

And leaves expecting me to be just okay.
But tomorrow I’ll change
And I’ll be okay, because tomorrow is gonna
be a better day than yesterday.


A spark of change
By Adriana T.

Today is blank
no sun to shine a blink
today we all sank
another day to drink the pain away

today we envy
today we hate
no peep of good attitude to bloom our way,
today we stand weak as a dusty gate.

Tomorrow’s breeze will be new the new ocean waves
fresh start, new start, to do things the right way.
Tomorrow people will embrace

people with accept to forgive a day
Confiscating a big wish
Is something we all tomorrow dream big

Tomorrow is that day that will be colored in a swish
The sun will dig a shinny way.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.