Family Poems

Greetings West Park poetry friends and followers! This week’s poems are full of deeply felt feelings, because they are about people we know a lot about and care a lot about. Our poems from week 4 celebrate one of our family members, inspired by Ashley Bryan’s poem, “My Dad.”

As far as our writing… this week we talked about line breaks. We discussed how poets decide where to begin and end each line of their poem. This is different from writing sentences in paragraphs, where the words stretch across the entire page—so it takes some practice! What do you notice about where the lines begin and end in this week’s published poems?


Ms. Staudohar/Ms. Knight
6th Grade

A celebration with my cousin
Julio V.

my step cousin is
awesome can play

He is faster
He is smarter
He’s the best soccer player
on his whole team
He is the flash
He is the smartie

He is taller
He is stronger
and He is faster and

He’s the best cousin


Ms. Lazaar
5th Grade

My mom
Amani B.

my mom
can do a lot of things
my mom can do
she is an artist
my mom is loving
my mom is
hard working
I love my
mom and she
loves me


It’s ok twin
Aniylah P.

         very good at singing
         oh so very good at dancing
         and spot on at drawing

oh yes loving
and kind and energetic
and so very cute

   drawing, dancing, singing

      great job
      good job


My Amazing Dad
Brayan G.

My dad is amazing
He can work
He can cook
What else can he do?

My dad is amazing
He can act funny
He can look funny
And is always going to
be the best.

Ms. Chambers
7th Grade, Group 1

My dad that played soccer
Adrian A

When my dad
was little he
played soccer and
scored goals
goals are his thing


My dad
Daniel G.

My dad cares about me
he would tell me stories
he would say what happens in his life

I was scared to play soccer
but my dad told me never give up
to keep trying your best

My dad works hard
he loves
he cares
he teaches me


I wish she didn’t go
Abraham R.

The sweetest of the sweetest the nicest
of the nicest she was the one
that can help when you were down
as a baby I didn’t see her or
remember her I wish I did
she kept the family ok
but died at a young age
I would give anything just to hug her
one last time.


One family member
Ruby P.

My dad

When my dad
Works with computers
He fixes them
With no problem

I am not saying
That nobody can
Work with computers
Like my dad,
But my dad
Can work with
Like him

My dad
Is supportive
Of me

My dad
Is smart

He helps me
With work
Almost everything


Ms. Chambers
7th Grade, Group 2

Mi tio
Cinthya G.

Mi tio es un gran
músico que sabe tocar
la mayoría de instrumentos

Con su guitarra hipnotiza a
los pájaros y animales
Con los instrumentos llama
la atención de todos

Se necesita mucho para
poder mejorarlo porque
es un gran músico


Thank you
Grey R.

My mother figure
My sister
Nice, caring, kind
She has been my mom
Since I can remember

Helped me get up when I fell
Helped me find my
way when I was lost
Helped me read
Helped me find reasons

Held me tight when I would
scatter over the place
She also helped me keep my

Thank You Holly.


Karina V.

He is such an angel
He is hard working
He is street smart
He is the best brother in the

Such a worker at a
young age
such an angel
such more memories to go
I’m glad to have an angel
like him.


My sister
Bobby M.

When my sister dances
she reminds me
of my mom

My sister is loving
because when I am
sleeping she comes in to say goodnight







“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.