Sock It to Me!

This week’s poem was our longest yet—“Ode to My Socks” by Pablo Neruda. Despite being 85 (!) lines long, it read quite briskly, because of its short lineation and enjambment, and we spent a majority of each class thinking about the poet’s use of figurative language, particularly similes and metaphors. How, for example, can socks be violent? Or glowing? And what are “threads of / twilight”? I introduced students to the idea of extended metaphors, which follow a particular comparative approach through an entire work, and noted how well they work in the ode form. With winter on the wane, and spring just around the corner, the goodness of “two socks / made of wool / in winter” gave us much to discuss.

An ode is a poem of celebration and appreciation. Check out these varied examples!

Mrs. Rupp, 4th Grade

Ode to Fortnite
Evan B.

Aah, Fortnite. So addictive but so, so simple.
With mechanics such as drop, loot, run, shoot.
It is one of the most popular games of
all time. A familiar feel from other battle
royales but this one trumps all. But watch
out for certain people when they lose! They
just might rage quit!

Ode to My Family
Theodore B.

O my family can be
depressed but still my family is
endless. Every single day I

think about school and
other things.

My family is
yet trying to help.

Family is equal
and equal is fair. Fair is happiness. Happiness is
mind and mind is
intelligent. Intelligent is good so good is
love. Love is family. And family is truth.
Yet people don’t realize that family is faith.

Ode to Video Games
Daniel C.

I like video games because they
are fun. It is for the young.
I like them because…
it does have everything I
want. When I play, all
my worries go away.
Nobody bothers me, nobody
makes me do anything.
I have many rings, but not
too much MVPs.
complete life, nobody
can live without them.

Ode to Candy
Jimmy H.

I love candy,
it is sweet.
It can be sour.
It is a very delicious thing.
I love candy,
candy is good,
candy is yummy.
I love candy!
Kit Kat, Juicy Drop, Lifesavers, gum, Starburst, Hershey’s,
I love them all!

Ode to Life
Aiden R.

Ode to life
when life was made
the world was saved.
When the world was saved
of became a new day
then life made a new way
called humans we are pretty cool.
Till the others created something called school.
It was kinda cruel.

Mrs. Carlson, 4th Grade

Ode to Chicken Wings
Joy A.

Ode to chicken wings
are important
because they
ode to chicken wings
oh how
I love
them that’s
how they are
to my poor

Ode to chicken wings
for they
fill my stomach
when it is empty on a sad sad

Ode to chicken wings
how it’s delicious
it will fill
your sad empty
ode to chicken wings
they are important
it’s food
delicious food
that’s a fact

Ode to chicken wings
because I
said so
yes that’s
ode to chicken wings
for it’s delectable
for a sad, empty
stomach on an empty
ode to chicken wings
but I have more reasons
I could go on and on
but I’m afraid it’s the

My Dad
Hersea B.

I love my dad and
my mom loves me too
she helps me and helps
that I love mom.

Ode to My Bed
Dillon D.

I laid
in my
that I bought today
at the morning time
oh how soft it was
to me.
Lay in it all day
even to sleep,
wake up in the morning
only thing I want to keep.
It saves me from thunder
and away from broccoli.
The only thing I want
for me, me, me.

Ode to Roblox
Austin L.

Ode to Roblox because this is
the best game I ever played in my life since I was
3 years to right now. I loved that game so MUCH!
Best game I ever played in my life!!!!!!
When I started the game I played it every day.

Raja’ed L.

My favorite food is garlic
and shrimp that’s my best
food ever, and I love
pepperoni pizza and
love my family.

Ode to Video Games
Shakae W.

Ode to video games I love
you you are the cutest
video games to me I am
so glad to have you
and my house I was so
happy when I got you
video games oh I love
you you smell great! I will
takes baths and throw you
out of the window that’s
how great you are I will
throw you out on the
street you smell like feet
you smell really bad I say
I would throw you and the
trash and let you
take a bath OK I don’t
like you no more I really
hate you you stink
you smell like fish
soup I can’t think about

Ode to Mistletoe
Fiona W.

I love
she is so
the best
plant I love,
Such a beauty,
for Christmas,
you are
the greatest
for any Christmas.
Mistletoe you are
so lucky.

Please do not
leave the


Mrs. Johnson, 4th Grade

Ode to Gravedigger
Jack C.

Diesel engines
1500 horse powers
broken axle
this one
on this side
Max D won
she got last
ATV, monster trucks
tissues in my ears
still loud
6.6 engines
at the Allstate Arena
ice still there
wood, dirt,
really mean.

Ode to Cockroaches
Deven G.

Cockroaches are amazing
they’re the garbage truck of nature
you drop, they catch.
They eat garbage
but yet
they can be
like tanks in war
they attack for food

My ode means
respect them

Ode to My Dog
Sophie L.

My dog is so nice but
I don’t really have time
to hug him. And I should
give him all of the bacon
in the world.

dogs love
it like my

My dog’s
name is

Ode to My Double-Chocolate-Fudge-Chocochip-Cocoa-Powder-Cookies-with-Brownie-Batter!
Gabi T.

—Ode to the delicious cookie dough with hot
cocoa powder as the core
—Ode to the AMAZING double chocolate
fudge toasted in the oven for three, savory
—Ode to the half-melted chocolate chips
mixed into a half-baked brownie
—Ode to the brownie batter mixed into the
cookie dough
—Ode to the oven which cooks the cookies for
ten minutes and thirty second
—Ode to my double-chocolate-fudge-chocochip-cocoa-powder-cookies-with-brownie-batter!

Chase T.

Air Jordans thank
you for being so soft
and bouncy thanks for
having good grips I would
have fallen 100 times with-
out you
I wish I had
another 20 of you

Mr. O’Brien, 4th Grade

What I Love to Ode
Xavier A.

So many people might like trains I do so
I can ode them here we go
so I love trains and I’m ode in the so
train I love play control and they move
me ugly AV a worker oh train love
a train a gray train and he loved it and
pulled it so he traveled and moved it
from broad to could he worked
and worked and worked and made a train

Aathreya A.

I like
to me
and I
it is
to nice

Joey C.

I like socks because
they’re cool.

George C.

I appreciate Nintendo Switch
it is very fun
there is a lot of
games the
I appreciate
it is by

John C.

I love my
I love my
it is fun to have
a squad

Ode to My Dog
Cedonnis G.

I really love my dog called
Malcoi I love him cause
he is a very good German Shepherd
he protects me he loves me
when I give him chicken and eggs
and bananas if I give him
give my other dog named Macy
he will be jealous and start
fighting her for the chew toy he
is a really big bully Bark!!!!!!!!!

Ode to Happiness
Myriam H.

What would we do…
What would we do
Without happiness
Shall we be gloomy forever

It makes you
Feel warm but sadness
Makes you cold

It shall make us happy
And it shall stay

My Family
Ben L.

I love you because you love me
and cook with a book and put
me to sleep and I don’t hear a peep

Ode to My Lungs
Isabella R.

Ode to my lungs,

everyone is always like my heart is the most important.
Did you know your lungs help you breathe?
When Zoe hugs me too hard my lungs help my
heart get some oxygen.

Ode to Food
Elon R.

food I love food
food can put you
in a mood there
are people who really
need food so give
them some of your
food if you don’t you’re
rude I love food

Ode to My 2K20
Olumide R.

I love video games I love
reading they are both my
hobby the reason I love my
family Xbox is because I love
to play 2K20 I love to
play Fortnite.

In 2K20 you can go on
park mode you get to play
with other players on the
outside in the 2K20
neighborhood also in the
neighborhood you have your
own my court you can invite
NBA stars there to play against
them you can also play
my carrier games with the
my player you build.

RIP Kobe and Gianna
Aija S.

RIP Kobe hope you rest in peace RIP Kobe you
were the best basketball player ever RIP you’re
the best you and your daughter Gianna you’re
the best basketball player ever.

Ryan S.

I appreciate that I know how to
play Fly or Die. And if I didn’t I
would be just playing boring games.
But know I am grateful I know
how to play and beat other people
at. I am grateful for Fly or Die.



“Writing poetry makes me feel like I can see myself, like I can see my reflection, but not in a mirror, in the world. I write and I know I can be reflected.”
-Oscar S.

“Writing poetry makes me feel free.”
-Buenda D.

“Writing poetry is like your best friend.”
-Jessica M.