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About Our School Programs

The Poetry Center of Chicago offers long-term and short-term poetry programming for schools. Our programs encourage and affirm students’ voices and comfort with reading, while helping students build their reading comprehension and literacy skills.

Our programs are built to work for second grade through senior year. Our programs are also built to be useful and fun to both a student with literacy challenges, and a student who is already excited about writing. We’re excited to listen to what they have to say!

For more details on each, and contact info, please see below:

Hands On Stanzas

Hands On Stanzas features long-term, classroom residencies. A Poet in Residence will work with the same classroom for ten or twenty sessions, once per week. They will often be with a class fall through spring. Hands On Stanzas is great for building poetry into the classroom curriculum, and can be tailored to the needs and goals of each room. Our Poets in Residence build trusting relationships with their classes by being there every week.

Each week students will read and discuss a published poem, write their own original work, and have the opportunity to share with the class. Poets In Residence publish fantastic student work weekly on the Hands On Stanzas school blogs.

The Hands On Stanzas program page can be found here. Please contact beth@poetrycenter.org for more information on booking the program for your school.


Poets with Class

Poets with Class features assemblies, and one-day as well as multi-day workshops for students, with an emphasis on performance. Available programs can flex to meet a school’s needs but may include an assembly featuring three Poets, followed by workshops for several classrooms. Programs can be tailored to the school, and we offer several ready-made popular themes to choose from.

The Poets With Class program page can be found here. Please contact mojdeh@poetrycenter.org for more information on booking the program for your school.