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Anthology of Student Verse
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What Do You Dream Of?
Submitted by Kristin Ravel on February 25, 2009 - 12:32pm.
Yesterday, the students of Pasteur Elementary were asked to think about their dreams. We talked about how when we dream, we are taken to another world-- one of fantasy where anything can happen. We also talked about how we dream about our future, our life, and what we want. After reading "In Praise of Dreams" by Wislawa Szymborska, we discussed what the author values based on her dreams and how she combines reality with the dream world. The students were asked to write poems about their dreams: both reality and fantasy based. Here's a sample of their great work. Go Pasteur Go!

Room 220

by Kyla G.

In my dreams
I pray to family.

I am a bird
with songs so bright they shine out the sun.

I am in another world,
tossing and turning to get out.

I stand out,
shining like the sun.

I am a winner
at the oscars.

I make a new place,

I am a crashing sound
a ship from space in water.

In my dreams,
I live in the white house.


by Lukasz K.

I had a dream I
had a party on

I had a dream
where I froze time
and stole anything
I wanted

I had a dream
I was a professional
football player

I have a dream
I had a lamborghini
and flew in the
clouds and slept

I had a dream
of having powers
for no one to die

I had a dream I
meet my ancestors

I had a dream
of having a good job

I had a dream of
a time traveling
device to take me


by Trent B.

In my dreams
I run as I catch the ball

I speak like a snake
to all the gods

I drive a bird
that soars in the sky

I am gifted
and play football for a living

I hear cheering
as loud as any god would

my brilliance as a quaterback
would amaze fans

I fall into the deep tunnel
I tumble gently in the air

I got no problem
falling off the highest building of them all

I dream of walking 2 moons
but one is on fire and the other is water.

Room 222

by Jesus A.

In my dreams
I am a famous soccer player

I speak in Italian & French

I saw and army of chocolate chip cookies

I live in a big mansion

I saw flying cats

I fell from the Sear's Tower

I was a robot


by Amanda C.

I am driving faster than no human has

I see squirrels everywhere in straw

I am sledding in the summer and swimming
in the winter

I am a professional drummer, better rhythm
than ever

I see giant Lego people attack Chicago
that rose out of Lake Michigan

I was able to sleep on the

CRAZU dreams

Where do you come from?


by Christian M.

I wish I wish upon the sun

At night the moon is out
the shores are bigger
and too bright

Its winter, summer, fall, spring together.

I can slide up and down.

In the heaven to the floor

Monkeys are searching me.

Will dummes are helping me

I am in danger.

As fantasy turns into nightmare

I wake up its a Dream a Dream.

Room 217

by Jonathan R.

I dream I am a
cartoon in a weird world.

I could jump about
twenty feet from the ground.

I am like a rabbit
that is loco.

I have a big carrot
that I use like a shot gun.

I kill my enemies
with my big carrot.

I have goofy eyeballs
an an awesome tail.

I could go anywhere with
my Lamborghini or Hummer
destroying villages

I am the most wanted and
handsome rabbit criminal.

by Vicente V.

In my dream
I fight ninjas

climb Mount

I am stronger
than a body builder

I have a tree house
the size of a cave

In my dreams
I drive even though
I'm eleven

In my dreams
I woke up


by Ariana O.

In my dreams
I live in Hollywood

I speak French
but I'm the only one

I hear voices
as clearly as any venerable saint

I can breath under

I wake up when
something bad happens.

Room 218

by Arely F.

Dream, Dream, Dream,
all you could
you dream of light
you dream of dark
making your way through
your goal

having a career in this world
all you could do

Dream, Dream
night and day
and everyday

life is hard
so you may dream
to get your mind off
the problems

Dream of happiness
that you could have
being in star
in outerspace

or jumping from
moon to moon

climbing up to Mr. Everest
to fall in a pile
of sand

Dream, Dream
all you could

Dream, Dream
the best thing
you could do


by Elbert P.

In my dreams
I live in a mansion

I scream and yell
and see my echo coming back.

I ride a car
and I start flying

I talk dog language
and communicate with pets.


by Christian B.

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams
when I was in
the street I dreamed
I found a dog

Another day came by and
I found a cat, then a mouse,
horse, chicken, pig, bird, moose,
deer, and a zebra.

The reason I found animals
was because I was a monkey.