Will You Support the Fund?

Our 3rd annual Hands On Stanzas Scholarship Campaign is live!   Please: donate and spread the word for our student poets across Chicago. And check out our fabulous new video […]

The World is like a Big Animal –– Comparison Poems @ ALS

Ms. Pease 3rd Grade Comparison Poem Adamaris S. The color yellow is like the sun The color red is like an apple A cat is like a pillow Reading is […]

‘Esto libro es mi vida’: The ‘A’ List

This lesson circulated around the concept of lists. Through Albert Goldbarth’s  List Poem, Library (truncated for our purposes here), we  began class by making lists of nouns that described memories. The […]

‘Is it-conta-gious? No-one-real-ly knows’: The Shakespearean Sonnet

In this class we focused on the Shakespearean Sonnet and iambic pentameter.  In his Sonnet #127, William Shakespeare muses on beauty and its perception as a  ‘currency’ in the modern world: […]

Food Memory @ Moos Elementary

This week at Moos, we read “Uknown Father” by Vietnamese-American poet, Thanhha Lai. The students learned the Vietnamese and French words that were in the poem and we talked about the […]

I Wish I Were a Marshmallow –– Wish Poems @ Avondale-Logandale

For our very first week together, the 3rd graders and I had a lot to accomplish. We discussed the residency (art class with words), what I expect from them (lots […]

I Hear Time –– Sound Poems @ Darwin Elementary

This week at Darwin Elementary: Sound Poems! We’re working on building sensorily rich descriptors so we can make our poems vivid. These were lots of fun. Enjoy! Ms. Tasior 2nd […]

‘I am a pattern of the wild’: Emily Dickenson Etc…

We began this class with an exercise from writer and researcher Dr. Brene Brown’s book: Braving the Wilderness. In it, she asks a group of 8th Grade students the difference […]

The Book of Questions @ Moos Elementary

Today, I started off my residency at Moos Elementary with The Book of Questions by Pablo Neruda. We read some of his poems and talked about the types of lines and […]

The Six Points Reading Series 2018 Season starts off with a reading and workshop featuring Kaveh Akbar & Tarfia Faizullah!

The Six Points Reading Series is back for our 2018 season! This month, we welcome Kaveh Akbar & Tarfia Faizullah. January 26, 2018 Poetry Workshop with Kaveh Akbar 10:30 AM […]

Random Is as Random Does

This week, I began my residency with the 4th graders. I had a majority of these students back when they were in 2nd grade, and it was amazing to see […]