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Anthology of Student Verse
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Similes for Smiles
Submitted by Cassie Sparkman on November 12, 2008 - 2:10pm.
Last week at Daystar, the student poets read Sweet Like a Crow by Michael Ondaatje, a poem filled with weird, imagistic similes that describe a little girl's voice.  For their own poems, the poets wrote using the prompts "your voice sounds like...", "my voice sounds like..." and "you act like...", and came up with some AMAZING pieces.  Enjoy!

Ms. Kiepert's Class

Similes for Smiles
by Gabriel T.

Your voice sounds like a truck
driving on asphalt
like a pencil on paper
like a laugh dying down
after dragging on and on crudely
a rattling of keys
a chatter of voices
or the cry of an eagle.

Like the applause at a theater
the stomps of feet running down a hill
like the shatter of glass
like the crack of a bat
blasting a home run down the line
like an explosion
ending dead silence
like the rumble of a motor
on a speed boat
a slam of brakes
a sizzle of a pan
steaming vegetables on high
like the splat of tomatoes
aimed toward a comedian telling a bad joke
like the smell of fish
tingling pungently in the nose
like a bee buzzing past.

by Angelica M.

Your voice sounds like a
monkey shrieking when you scream, the
wind howling through the trees, a rusty
book and someone scraping the rusty
off, like baby twins crying at the
store, a cat trying to swim in the
water, like a wiggling rabbit, a pair
of books being slammed on the
table, like a pg drowning, but no
matter how you sound I'll always
love you Sarah.

A Two Year Old Dancer
by Esther S.

You act like a
2 year old dancing around
making pictures with Picasso
giving a reason not to do something
running outside yelling random things
running around the
house like a dog

Ms. Stastny's Class

Be You & True
by McKenzie C.

You act like a mocking bird, always
repeating what your best friend does

You act as if you wash your own
clothes when you know your mom did it for you

You act as it you're perfect when you don't
even do your homework

You cat like you're an astronaut going to the moon
when you jump and put the ball through the hoop

You stalk like a hawk
always watching her wherever she goes

You're like a headache when all you do is
act like your friend

I would like you better if you
were just you

You Sound Like...
by Jaidah S.

Your voice sounds like wind blowing in the trees
an echoing voice in the distance
like a child yelling off a cliff
like a cat saying "do this, do that"
like lights flicking off and on all the time.
Your voice sounds like a dog scratching on
a door trying to get out
like books hitting the floor
like a banana being stepped on
like a boy who won't stop chewing on a straw.
Your voice sounds like an earring being put on the wrong ear
like a person stomping up the stairs
like someone's pretty eyes
like pretty flowers and sun coming up in the morning
like a shirt being put on
like a building falling apart.

Black Cat
by William B.

He acts as strong as a lion
quick like a cheetah chasing his prey
specific as a computer
prides strong as a wolf
wise as a hawk thinking of the next move in chess
relaxed as a cat living in the sun
thinking ahead as a tiger stalking his prey
a man always ready even in the back
also perceptive as a telescope reading the skies
ever patient even in a room with nothing
a hyena able to laugh freely
able to decide in crucial moments leading a war
and a black cat living free.

by Tyler M.

Eric's voice is like a deep sea
like a lion's early morning yawn
irksome like a bug in your ear
like a king ready to announce information
like a drum, non-stop beating
like a nail being hammered into the wall
like the ripping of a paper
a tree being cut down
like a dog barking all night
like a lawn mower.